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How To #ProtectYourPresents (and Information) This Holiday Shopping Season

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This holiday season, the convenience of shopping from a mobile device makes it easier than ever for people to purchase gifts on-the-go. Unfortunately, even though mobile shopping is on the rise, more than half of all mobile users are unaware that security solutions for their mobile devices exist (57%).

With more people than ever shopping from unprotected devices, this season will also be an opportune time for scammers to sweep up valuable personal data…UNLESS you show your audience easy ways they can protect their new tech presents and personal information while shopping this year.

Symantec has resources available to help mobile shoppers (and those lucky new mobile device owners!) make it safely through the holiday season:

  • A Symantec expert is available for interviews to share simple tips about protecting new mobile devices and shopping safely online
  • Consumer tip sheets for safe mobile device shopping, as well as tips for protecting new tech devices — perfect for a gift guide sidebar
  • Additional research/stats on cybercrime and consumer usage trends

Source: Symantec

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