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Secret messaging comes to local chat apps via Babble Messenger

Babble Messenger

In a social media world where practically every aspect of one’s life gets shared and passed around, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain privacy online, especially when communicating with friends. But with the newest feature from local messaging app Babble Messenger, users can freely share whatever they want with their contacts without having to worry about such privacy issues.

Babble Messenger, a free chat app developed by Voyager Innovations, Inc. (Voyager), lets its users send secret messages that expire and disappear forever in the span of 10 seconds.

Many social networking users, especially teenagers, have had to deal with being caught saying unpleasant things about their friends or co-workers or discovering compromising photos of them online, tainting their reputations forever and sometimes even ruining their chances of landing a job in the future.

“We take the issue of privacy seriously, so when a secret message expires after ten seconds on the app, it also disappears from our chat servers. Users can feel confident that we do not keep logs of the secret messages they send to friends,” said Benjie Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer at Voyager.

Available for Android and iOS phones, the app’s secret messaging feature gives users the liberty to share and chat about anything under the sun without the specter of embarrassment looming above their heads.

To send a secret message through Babble, users only need to press the lock icon found at the bottom-right corner of the text input screen in any conversation with a contact.

Secret messages are marked with a dotted line around the chat line and comes with a countdown timer that shows how many seconds are left until the message disappears completely.

BabbleBut apart from secret messaging, Babble Messenger also comes packed with other features that make chatting and connecting with friends on your mobile phones easy, fun and fulfilling.

Barkadas can rely on the app’s Group Chat feature to plan their gimiks or Friday night-outs without the hassles of having to call each member individually. To keep the mobile discussion lively, they can also send each other photos, videos, and even voice messages through the app.

A chatroom feature is also available within the app so those who are looking for someone to talk to online can join any of the topic-based chatrooms currently available such as fashion, foodies, gaming and matchmaker, among many others—a clear throwback to the mIRC chatting days of yore.

And for those who want to express themselves in more creative ways, Babble Messenger also features a host of free character stickers and emoji icons that take the messaging fun to a whole new level.

Users can enjoy unlimited secret messaging and all these other features by downloading the free Babble Messenger app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

For more information, please visit www.voyagerinnovation.com.

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