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Flaunt the Chinese New Year's lucky colors with the iPhone 5c, free at Smart Unlisurf Plan 1500

iPhone 5c Lucky Colors
Green, blue and yellow are the lucky colors for the Year of the Wooden Horse
Have them on the iPhone 5c, free at Smart Unlisurf Plan 1500

As the year of the Wooden Horse gallops in, Chinese Feng Shui experts recommend cheerful and warm colors to summon good luck and prosperity in a year that represents “stubbornness, hostility, stability and independence.”

Supposedly, the colors green, blue and yellow will balance out the metal, fire and wood elements of the year, and a great way to brandish these lucky colors is through the new iPhone 5c, the most colorful iPhone yet, which is free at Smart Unlisurf Plan 1500.

Under Unlisurf Plan 1500, the iPhone 5c comes with unlimited surfing on Long Term Evolution or LTE, the fastest fourth generation wireless technology. It also comes with 120 text messages and 60 minutes of calls to all networks, under a 30-month contract.

Offered in vibrant colors of green, blue, yellow, pink and white, the newest iPhone is powered by an efficient A6 chip that allows you to swoop from one application to the next smoothly, without sacrificing battery life.

It also takes stunning images with its 8MP iSight camera, and shows these vividly on its 4-inch retina display. With its LTE-capability, the iPhone 5c also allows you to download and upload files at blazing speeds using Smart’s LTE network, which offers the widest LTE coverage in the country.

“Designed for those who want to express themselves, the iPhone 5c is about adding a dash of color in your daily life – and more,” said Kathy Carag, Smart Postpaid head.

“The iPhone 5c gives users both form and function, and it works best with Smart’s widest, fastest and most reliable LTE network, which the iPhone 5c needs to maximize its use. In many ways, you’ll be lucky to have one from Smart,” she added.

For more information on Smart’s complete suite of iPhone offers, visit smart.com.ph/iPhone. To subscribe to Smart’s iPhone Plans, apply now at the nearest Smart Store or visit store.smart.com.ph.

Source: Smart Communications

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