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Fujitsu partners with ShoreTel to provide advanced IP Telephony solution for SMEs in the Philippines

Fujitsu and ShoreTel partnership

Fujitsu, the leading Japanese Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, formally signed a partnership with Unified Business solutions leader ShoreTel as it gears to provide businesses in the Philippines with advanced Telephony solution. More details after the jump.

With ShoreTel's low cost IP (Internet Protocol) and Unified Communications (UC) solution that is highly reliable, easy to deploy, maintain and manage, Fujitsu aims to cater to any organization who needs secured communication system under their roof, in almost all fields, most especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

According to ShoreTel Philippines Country Manager Jose "Jig" Reyes, ShoreTel maximizes technological advances to improve efficiency and response time of organizations. "We manage huge volumes of different communication interaction while still being able to set rules. Our partnership with Fujitsu is ShoreTel's testament to quality products and services because we believe that Fujitsu's expertise is parallel to the excellence of our products," Reyes said.

As proof of its effectiveness, ShoreTel's UC solutions enabled the Fujitsu Network Communications to successfully replace a legacy PBX that was more than 20 years old and were at a point where its maintenance was too high.

Based in Richardson Texas, Fujitsu Network Communications —which has around 1700 employees in three locations — designs, manufactures, and manages numerous broadband transmission systems and supplies the network infrastructure that’s important to cable television service providers and telecom carriers, including Verizon Communications and AT&T.

Fujitsu leverages on ShoreTel UC solution 
To effectively support their more than 300,000 customers including major communications carriers, governments, utilities and large enterprises in North America, the Fujitsu Network Communication's technical assistance center (TAC) and network operations center (NOC) have to be up 24/7. And this required a better Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system while reducing maintenance costs, administrative spend, and TCO.

Fujitsu evaluated various VoIP systems but chose ShoreTel because ShoreTel was the only UC system that could meet their requirements for their workgroup reporting needs.

With ShoreTel, Fujitsu have seen a number of benefits: 

  • Drastic reduction in administrative time and costs—from two full time employees to only a half full time employee—with faster MACs and fewer maintenance demands.
  • Cost savings on third-party service calls and leased systems.
  • Lower mobile device costs, with decreased international roaming charges and least call routing.

All in all, Fujitsu Network Communications selected a ShoreTel UC Solution comprising ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel Mobility, ShoreTel VPN Concentrator, and nearly 2,000 ShoreTel IP Phones and 1,700 active endpoints. Also, the company purchased a ShoreTel Enterprise Support contract for added technical support and direct services.

ShoreTel is distributed in the Philippines by MEC Networks Corporation.

Source: Fujitsu Philippines

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  1. I just bought this yesterday s MARKET MARKET MALL TAGUIG. Hmmm..ok naman..wala pala sya 3g connectivity so dika mkkpgnet via sim? or other broadband stick?If i am correct. the rest okay naman for the price. sayang lang diko npancin ung wala 3G.

  2. Forward

    On Feb 17, 2014 10:56 PM, "Lani Garcia" wrote:
    I purchased a myphone agua hail together with a b88 tv duo last feb 4 and my complaints are as follows:

    1) battery would hover at 99% while charging and takes hours to get to 100 that I rarely get to charge it to reach 100
    2) wifi doesn't work at times that I have to turn the wifi settings on/off 5-10x/day
    3) youtube/videos hang more than my rain 2g even though unit has better specs
    4) the screen protector sold at the shop scratched in a day and already has bubbles, the one on my rain 2g which I bought from a sidewalk vendor was only P50 no bubbles no scratches to date
    5) back cover has a tiny ding
    6) myphone has been selling said unit at some sm branches at 3988 since jan 31 and you have oficially posted the said price on fb, whereas the store at robinsons metroeast sold me the unit at 4598 with all the defects

    B88 tv duo:
    1) the box has been resealed, it has 2 seals and underneath the original seal looks old and obviously dilapidated and previously been opened
    2) antenna is loose and doesn't hold still if I position it, and would fall while in use
    3) battery not as long as other users claimed, and as per reviews made online 2 yrs ago
    4) usb cable won't fit the charging port when the silicone case is attached
    5) warehouse sale at 880 whereas unit was sold to me at 999 with all the defects

  3. bmli dn aq nyan, onti pa lng m DL. m e kala m pagong na sa bagal... tapos ang tagal bgo mag 100% kaya laging 99% lang gngwa q.. pero ok nmn sya s wifi mlkas sya mksagap at mblis,. !!!!

  4. nd kb nila bngyan ng smart broadband? kse ung akin meron ee. kaay nkkpg fb aq via sim.. dhil smart broadband sim.


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