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Happy New Year Everyone! 2014 Here We Come!


Ilonggo Tech Blog wishes everyone a very happy and
prosperous new year! 2014 here we come!
Thank you for being around!

Image Source: yemista.com

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  1. I already bought this one, dec 29, 2013 ,
    at first I love it yes really but in the time i hates it na why ?
    first, I can't send messages specially i can't register in 8888.
    2nd, it always appear THE LAUNCHER HAS STOPPED everytime i change, remove the page of a certain page. -_-
    3rd, The camera does the green, thingy everytime i took pivtures.!!! -_-

  2. i bought this phone too. everything works fine on me . baka swertehan .. haha :D

  3. ilan MAH ang battery nitong Torque Droidz Beat TV?

  4. bakit hnd ko magamit yung sim 2? everytime na lalagyan ko ng sim kht may sim na laging undetected ?

  5. bakit ganun 165 lang ang internal storage nang akin ! how to update may internal storage to 512 na sabi nyo .


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