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LG introduces first smart appliance with HomeChat service

LG HomeChat UI

LG Electronics will launch its first product featuring the innovative HomeChat service, which uses Natural Language Processing allowing customers to communicate, control, monitor and share content with LG products via the popular mobile messenger, LINE. First unveiled at the 2014 CES earlier this month, HomeChat will be a key feature in Whisen residential air conditioners in Korea, the first LG product to implement HomeChat for consumers.

With HomeChat, users can “converse” with their LG air conditioner via their smartphone, using the popular and free messenger service, LINE. For example, the user can text “Leaving the office now, cool to 26 degrees” and the LG air conditioner will calculate when it needs to turn itself on and how high to set the fan speed to achieve the desired temperature by the time the user arrives home. With 310 million users worldwide, LINE is available on all major smartphone platforms: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Asha as well as desktops and laptops running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

“Smart residential air conditioners are still a new product category that is still unknown in many markets which is why we’re excited to be an early pioneer in this space,” said Hwan-yong Nho, president of the LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Energy Solution Company. “With a HomeChat enabled LG air conditioner, there’s no need to learn new commands or add another remote control to the coffee table since everything is on the smartphone or tablet.”

LG’s newest Whisen RAC is also equipped with a host of new technologies not found in any other home air conditioner. High on the list is LG’s Natural Aroma feature, delivering a whole new level of user comfort. Natural Aroma soothes the senses, using fragrances, light and sound to create a relaxing and calm environment whenever the air conditioner is running. Other innovative features offered on the LG air conditioner are:

  • My Home Alarm function sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone if the RAC detects movement in the home during the owner’s absence
  • Ice Cool Power function, with LG’s unique 4D airflow technology, produces a super-cold breeze — four degrees Celsius cooler than a conventional air conditioner is capable of — to bring temperatures down in record time
  • Built-in movement-sensing camera tracks the users’ position and body temperature, enabling LG RACs to deliver customized, cooling performance
  • Super Ion Generator and a four-stage filtration system eliminates fine fraction particles (commonly known as particulate matter 2.5 or PM2.5), airborne allergens and bad odors

Source: LG Philippines

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