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Taking Better Selfies with the Lenovo Vibe X

Lenovo Vibe X

Taking photos has become part of our social ecosystem. Thanks to the technological advancements, now we have better, more convenient and affordable ways to immortalize life's precious moments. The number of photos being taken each day has sky rocketed since the advent of digital photography. Millions of photos are being taken per day depicting normal people's lives.

Photography is slowly moving onto a different culture, which is the Social Era. This era is being described as a phenomenon where photography becomes a crucial part in the social interaction of human beings. We see photos being shared everyday in social media sites. We tend to share photos of even the simplest things such as the food that we are about to have for breakfast, your new do, a visitor you least expected, your pets, your high school photo, and the list goes on and on. Any social network site has a photo-sharing feature. There are, in fact, a number of photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram and Flickr that can be easily viewed by everyone. It has become a our way of self-expression that we automatically capture and share our photos online.

One of the most notable things about the photos we share are portraits of ourselves using a hand-held camera phone, also known as 'selfies.' It started as an obligatory photo taken to fill in a small box allotted for profile picture. Eventually, it evolved into taking photos of oneself for fun, sharing it with friends and feeling good about it. It became so popular as it allows people to present themselves the way they want to. Selfies are a huge hit because they are easy to create and share for social networking, professional networking or online dating purposes. It is undeniable that we Pinoys are very much into taking selfies. We like sharing selfies especially when we are all made-up or when the lighting is good making us looking blemish-free and we like it when we get compliments from our friends or by simply clicking on the 'like' button.

But if you try to notice, you often find yourself liking a good selfie and hating the bad ones. What really makes a good selfie? While there a lot of applications that may enhance your photo, the first step is really getting a quality camera. Some would argue that camera phones with decent camera will do. Contrary to this, it is important that you pick a camera that produces the colors that are closest to what your eyes see. Some phones with decent cameras tend to produce a lot of discoloration and this might in fact affect the quality of your selfie shot.

Recently, Lenovo introduced their latest premium smartphone, the Lenovo Vibe X, that sports an awesome camera and listed below are reasons why we think it can be the perfect gadget for you in taking better selfies.

1. It's more than just the megapixels.
Companies have been selling the idea that the higher megapixels are, the better the photos will appear. Image quality does not depend on how high the megapixels of your camera is. Pictures are made up of tiny colored dots that are the smallest unit of a photograph. In more visual terms, the recommended resolution to print an image at 240 ppi (pixel per inch). At this rate, even a 5 MP camera can already print an 8.1 by 10.8-inch photo. Having more pixels only implies that you can print the image on a larger scale or crop the image, zoom it in and still be able to get a good print of the image. There are more important things than just the megapixel count.

The Lenovo Vibe X features a 5 MP front camera with a wide-angle 84° lens that is perfect for your selfie with the breathtaking view of the ocean as your background. The wide-angle lens would also allow you to capture group photos of you and your friends. Meanwhile, 13 MP rear camera offers a back-illuminated sensor for shaper images and an auto-focus feature so you won't have to manually adjust the lens. Get clearer and crisper images even under low-light conditions with its LED flash.

2. Mobility vs. Quality: Getting the best of both worlds
The reason why a lot of smartphone companies are not able to produce cameras that are at par with digital cameras is because of the phone's limitation in terms of size. The lenses of the professional ones are large, therefore harder to bring. While the compactness of a mobile phone attracts buyers, it is also the same reason why camera phone performance is limited. On the other hand, the benefits of a digital camera in terms of image quality are still preferred but due to its physical size, it is not as mobile as we would like it to be.

What if you can have the benefits of a powerful mobile phone that is lightweight, slim and stylish without compromising the performance, including the camera? The Lenovo Vibe X comes with a polycarbonate silver or white body and weighs only 121 grams - that is just about the weight of 5 AA batteries. It measures a pencil-thin 6.9 mm. It's 20/20 Vision display is a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, covered by the scratch-free Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It also features an IPS-panel for better viewing angles. With a better camera performance, this seems to be all perfect for you to view and appreciate your selfies even more.

In addition, instantly sharing your selfies in your social networking sites is a breeze. Imagine if you had used a digital camera for that? That would take a few steps more before you could upload them. With the Lenovo Vibe X, you've got everything you need.

3. Specs really matter
Image processing is affected by the specifications of your phone. So you have to make sure that the high-performance camera is supported by it. The Lenovo Vibe X runs on a Quad-Core MTK 6589T 1.5GHz processor on a 4.2 Jelly Bean Android operating system. It has 16GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM. Why is this so important? When you press the shutter to take selfies, it is the processor that creates the file and saves the image to your phone memory.

Another important thing to consider is the battery life. When you use the camera phone, it uses up CPU and battery. It consumes all your battery energy even before your day ends. Nobody wants a mobile phone that you find very useful but couldn't use anyway because the battery is drained. The Lenovo Vibe X is embedded with a 2000 mAh Li-polymer battery that has twice the energy capacity as the typical smart phones. This would allow you to enjoy mastering your selfie shot.

People say that the best moments in life are few and fleeting. These are the unexpected, unforeseen, and spontaneous priceless moments such as bumping into your favorite celebrity. Surely, a selfie with him or her is something you wouldn't want to miss, would you? So take the Lenovo Vibe X with you and capture your best selfie shot!

Source: Lenovo Philippines

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