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Get the real deal behind Globe Telecom's Fair Use Policy and how it works!

Globe FUP

I would also like to share with you an infographic about Globe Telecom's Fair Use Policy, since Globe is the only one actively defending its FUP this will enable you along with the other Globe subscribers, to understand how it works to your surfing habits. Here’s the entire picture of what the whole throttling and daily bandwidth allowance works after the jump.

Globe Telecom Fair Use Policy

In summary, here are the basic details of the Fair Use Policy looks like, as stated by Globe in its website:

Globe is committed to providing you with fast and reliable mobile internet service. That’s why we’ve taken steps to implement an Fair Use Policy designed to reduce the speeds of only the 3% of users who are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on our network which greatly impacts the service we offer to other paying subscribers. These customers often have file-sharing software or peer-to-peer/torrent apps on their phones or tablets, and download large-format files such as music, videos and movies consistently.

This means customers on an internet promo and plan who exceed 1 GB a day or 3 GB per month (whichever comes first) will experience browsing at 2G speeds.

This policy allows us to maintain the quality of our mobile internet service and give all Globe customers a fair opportunity to enjoy our network.

Our Fair Use Policy is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers anywhere in the world and is subject to change without prior notice.

Our Fair Use Policy applies to all surfing promos and data plans for Globe postpaid and Tattoo Lifestyle Sticks, except PowerSurf. It also doesn’t cover surfing charged with regular browsing rates (P5/15 minutes).

Mobile surfing offers from Globe are generally meant for emailing, browsing and search activities. Customers who frequently use file-sharing software or download large files are usually the ones affected by our policy. Media streaming and downloading of torrents also contribute to the excessive use of bandwidth capacity.

Also, we did a comparison on the data plans of Globe and Smart in terms of the Fair Use Policy, you can read more about it here. And if you something to say about the Fair Use Policy from Globe Telecom please share it below, so that others may be aware of it. Thanks!

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