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LINE continues its surge in users, cites its secure platform


LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with 350 users worldwide, has seen a record-breaking inflow of daily new users, as many as 10 times in some regions, since the weekend of February 23, 2014. The recent surge is attributed to LINE’s unparalleled communication services that are the most safe and reliable, in the midst of recent system trouble experienced by other service providers.

“We are pleased to provide our many users in the Philippines with a complete, exciting, and secure mobile messaging experience,” remarked Mr. Greg Kim, Head of the Philippines at LINE Business Development Division, LINE Plus Corporation.

Many users have already chosen LINE as the ideal solution that offers an advanced system support and wide range of features that offer free messaging, voice and video calling, as well as interactive elements such as Stickers, Timeline and Official Accounts, under the ongoing industrial changes in the mobile messaging market.

To ensure user privacy protection and stable service support, LINE does not store or track any user information. All user information submitted when creating a new account, as well as messages exchanged between users, are encrypted. Moreover, LINE adheres to its company policy of not providing any user information to an external party.

LINE is also the first mobile messenger in the world to receive all three international certifications in internal control management (SOC2, SOC3 and SysTrust), which proves its leading security standards.

LINE will continue to safely protect all user information from third party access and will continue to offer the most dynamic services that can be trusted anywhere around the world.

Source: LINE Philippines

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