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PLEXTOR M5 Pro Xtreme: A Super High Speed Professional SSD!

PLEXTOR M5 Pro Xtreme

Plextor, a leading developer of high performance storage, this week Plextor look at the technology behind M5 Xtreme and put it to the test against competitors to show that the performance goes beyond the speed shown in the specs. If its speed one wants in an SSD, The Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme (call the M5 Pro) is the ideal choice. This High performance SSD has become faster and faster with each iteration since it first appeared.

Fast Flash
The Speed of an SSD is affected by the efficiency of the built in NAND Flash. The M5 features on Toggle –mode NANA made by Toshiba. This double data rate Toggle Mode NAND is faster than conventional asynchronous NAND, but still offers lower power consumption than competing synchronous DDR NAND designs. Selecting the best components, like Toshiba’s fast flash is one of the secret to the M5 Pro’s performance.

Powerful Controller and Optimized Firmware
Plextor use the 88SS9187 controller from the Marvell Technology Group - to draw out the full potential of the Toggle-mode NAND. This chip, combined with Plextor's in-house developed, highly -tuned tuned firmware, produces an SSD that is not only fast but that also maintains its high efficiency for a long time to give you what we termed "True Speed." It also includes a data protection function, which we call “True Protect”.

Spec calculation methods vary widely depending on the manufacturer. In some cases, the manufacturer only uses the values for the maximum instantaneous speed. To find out an SSD’s true efficiency, however, average values must be taken after all aspects of the drive have been tested.

Don't choose an SSD based on specs alone!
Specs are a handy reference when choosing an SSD. However every manufacturer has its own way of measuring and declaring them. All SSDs these days are high-speed. It's not surprising that consumers find it hard to choose between them. However there is danger in blindly trusting in spec values.

Main specs of the M5 Pro Extreme series

M5 Pro Extreme Specs

The Graph on the below shows the results we obtained when we used HD Tune Pro 5.50, storage utility software from EFD Software, to test the speed of the drive when used to save all kinds of Data. The M5 Pro's results are on the furthest left. The other two results belong to comparatively newer rival products.

There are 3 models in the Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme lineup.
The most popular is the 256GB model, which can also be used as a main drive.

Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme lineup

The M5 Pro isn’t just fast, its speed remains stable at an average of 300MB per second (MB/s). It fills all the capacity with data written at a high speed. Product, A in the middle, is a typical example of a maximum speed-oriented model. Its read speed started out at almost 400MB/s but then dropped rapidly to 260MB/s, where it stayed. Product B, on the right, was unstable. While its maximum speed was over 370MB/s, its lowest speed was under 190MB/s. This averages out to an unstable 250MB/s.

In all areas, products A and B may appear fast. When you actually use them, however, you may discover that they are not as fast as the specs may lead you to believe. The M5 Pro is your best choice if you want true high-speed storage that delivers satisfaction.

Source: Plextor

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