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Uber is now officially in Manila!

The Uber Team

About a month ago, Secret Ubers began rolling around the streets of Makati and the Fort. Whether it’s sightseeing in Intramuros, shopping at the Mall of Asia, or a night out at Resort’s World, Uber has been there to provide a smooth, safe, and convenient ride. Thanks to the support of some of the biggest advocates including Liz Uy and Raymond Gutierrez. Uber formally announce that Uber Manila has officially launched!

Uber is an on-demand app that connects drivers to riders at the touch of a button. What started as a simple idea 3 years ago in San Francisco has now exploded into a global phenomenon with services in over 65+ cities in 25 countries worldwide with more cities to come. The app is free and available for download on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Simply register for an account with your credit card and you can request a car at the push of a button. Using cars such as Toyota Camrys and Nissan Teanas, the Uber experience can be quite stylish. The Uber app allows you to see the available cars nearby as well as an estimated time of arrival for each vehicle. Once the car has been requested, a full profile of the driver will appear. Once a ride is completed, the rider is simply billed via credit card thus making the transaction cashless and more importantly, seamless.

Uber’s main goal is to provide a safe, convenient, and effortless and way for a rider to get to ride wherever they need to go.

Source: Uber Technologies

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