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Innity launches Engage+ Mobile: A Highly Engaging Mobile Ad Platform

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Innity, APAC's leading online media and advertising technology provider, operating one of the largest ad networks and ad exchanges in the region, recently announced the launch of Engage+ Mobile – a suite of mobile advertising tools complete with engaging mobile ad units and an innovative engagement metrics tool to boost and subsequently, measure brand engagement.

Over the years, mobile has been largely used to drive clicks, thereby losing out on other opportunities to effectively engage users on the go. Furthermore, according to eMarketer, up to 51% of clicks on mobile were accidental due to the small screens. Engage+ Mobile aims to address this issue.

Engage+ Mobile ad formats, which are compatible on iOS and Android, combine display, audio and a gyroscopic feature to enhance user engagement. Fundamentally, the users see the ad message and are then prompted to swipe or tap the ad to engage further with the brand as more content is presented.

Currently, the Engage+ Mobile product suite includes:

  • Mobile Pull/Mobile Swipe – The ad appears within a standard unit and users can pull/swipe it (either up or down/left or right) to reveal a bigger unit
  • Mobile Tap – The ad appears in-stream within a page as a standard banner where users can tap it to expand the ad
  • Mobile Interstitial – The ad appears as full page ad unit when users navigate from one page to another within the site

To further facilitate deeper experiences within the mobile ad, advertisers can select from various different feature options that best fits their campaigns, such as, swipe photo galleries, social sharing features, coupon download, data forms, motion support, among others.

Additionally, in line with IAB’s latest initiative to redefine measuring digital ad engagement, Innity has deployed its Engagement Funnel – a revolutionary measurement tool to track audience engagement metrics such as awareness, consideration, favourability, and action. This grants advertisers valuable insight to gauge the effectiveness of their ad content, identify what's working and what's not, and emphasize on what's driving success. The Engagement Metrics is available on all digital campaigns running on Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE).

“We’re not just creating mobile campaigns for our clients; we’re ensuring that all their campaigns are mobile,” said Fabian Looa, COO and Co-Founder of Innity.

He added: “We decided to come up with a fresh way for brands to get genuine user engagement on mobiles. With Innity’s unparalleled reach and advanced targeting alongside these new immersive mobile ad formats, Engage+ Mobile will help advertisers maximize the impact and increase brand engagement for their digital campaigns.”

Engage+ Mobile is available in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, and eventually expanding to the whole ASEAN region.

Source: Innity Philippines

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