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Konami launches made-in-Singapore game, Chain of Souls

Konami Chain of Souls
Chain of Souls released on the App Store today!

Konami Digital Entertainment recently announced that it released a new Smartphone app, “Chain of Souls”, for the iOS platform in 10 countries. The app is available in Japanese, English, and Simplified/Traditional Chinese languages. More details after the jump.

“Chain of Souls” is a game that offers players the fun of an exhilarating connecting chain puzzle game with the card battle role-playing game fun that comes with collecting gorgeous cards that represent the dark fantasy view of the world.

New, Exhilarating Puzzle Battle
To play the game, the player connects three or more of the same color, which allows you to jump to a new color. As you connect multiple chains of colors, more damage is dealt during the battle. When a player reaches three or more continuous chains, a friend card can be summoned, and by activating the skill the card offers, you may turn the tide of a battle for a win.

Enchanting Fantasy Cards that Evolve
Each Enchanting Fantasy Card has special attributes and properties based on its type; each card can advance through four levels of evolution, becoming more gorgeous and stronger each time. In a battle, through the various combinations of cards available, various skills can be combined and used to create special abilities, and players can enjoy a range of options and abilities through the way each deck is arranged.

The app is now available on App Store for download: http://bit.ly/1h4AxuA

Source: Konami Entertainment

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