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BBC World News to broadcast Philippines Direct season in May

Rajan Datar

The Philippines is in the spotlight this May as BBC World News broadcasts a special series of documentaries and news programmes that go behind the headlines to report on life in the Southeast Asian nation half a year after Typhoon Haiyan swept through parts of the country.

From 19th to 30th May BBC World News will explore how the Philippines is recovering from one of the strongest recorded storms - socially, economically and culturally. From the overall state of the Philippine economy to the day-to-day lives of people throughout the country, the first ever Philippines Direct season will explore the challenges and opportunities the country faces today.

Mary Wilkinson, Commissioning Editor, Editorial, BBC World News, says: “The upcoming Philippines Direct takes the opportunity 6 months on from when Typhoon Haiyan devastated the central Philippines to find out how its citizens are recovering. The country has made great strides in picking itself up after one of the strongest recorded storms ever to make landfall, and BBC World News will explore what makes the country tick.”

The Direct Seasons on BBC World News go behind the headlines to explore everyday life in one country. The season explores a range of issues and topics, from the economy and the challenges facing the local workforce, to standards of living for people at every level of society, and the local culture. Previous Direct seasons have focused on India, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, France, Poland and Ukraine. Philippines Direct broadcasts globally on the BBC’s 24 hours news channel BBC World News.

Programming highlights include (all times in Philippine time):

Talking Business: Philippines Direct
Linda Yueh will present a special Talking Business with Linda Yueh from the World Economic Forum in Manila. She will be speaking to a panel of top delegates in front of a small audience, and will discuss, among other subjects, – why the Philippines is poised to be the strongest performing South East Asian economy in 2014, whether the region can sustain its status as one of the fastest growing regions in the world, and what the launch of an ASEAN community – a common market – could mean.

  • May 23rd - 10.30PM
  • May 24th - 8.30AM
  • May 25th -8.30PM

Working Lives: Cebu
Presenter Rico Hizon will meet a range of people who work in Cebu: the CEO of a multi-million dollar business; a social entrepreneur; a call center worker; a student; and a slum dweller. We will be asking what it is about the Philippines that has meant growth has happened at the rate it has, and if the benefits of growth have affected all levels of society. Parts of Cebu were devastated by the typhoon, so we will ask how that has affected people’s livelihoods.

  • May 24th - 12.30PM,
  • May 25th - 01:30AM, 06:30AM, 6:30PM

The Travel Show
The Travel Show travels to the region which suffered a double blow of a typhoon and an earthquake to see how locals are turning the unparalleled disasters into an opportunity. The show will also explore the unique character of a country made up of over 7000 islands, set apart from Southeast Asia geographically and heavily influenced by Spanish and American rule culturally. We journey from the megacity of Manila to the idyllic islands in search of the Filipino factor.

  • 24th May - 8:30AM, 9:30PM
  • 25th May - 2:30PM

Philippines Direct online:
BBC.com/Philippinesdirect will feature a range of multimedia content as part of the season. The site will also feature interactive galleries and video.

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