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[GAME] Konami announces pre-launch campaign for PES Manager

PES Manager
PES manager to be available for iOS and Android in 55 countries

Konami recently announced a pre-launch campaign for a new mobile gaming app called “PES Manager”. PES Manager will be available in English for both iOS and Android in 55 countries worldwide at a date to be announced in the near future. The pre-launch campaign offers players a chance to receive a “Player Badge” that they can use to gain an early competitive advantage once the game launches. The pre-launch campaign started worldwide from April 16.

PES Manager is the global version of the “World Soccer Collection S” game app, the highest selling soccer game app in Japan. The game is a full-scale soccer/football game application, featuring realistic matches presented in 3D, more than 1,500 star player badges with real player pictures from various EU leagues, and intuitive and easy controls.

Pre-launch Campaign
The pre-launch campaign is designed to help players receive a competitive advantage by offering one player’s badge as a starter pack prior to the game’s launch. Campaign participants will receive their starter player badge through a shootout challenge which can be performed up to three times in one 24 hour period. After seeing the player badge that has been unlocked following the shootout challenge, participants can either choose to keep the badge or try again. If the participant is still not satisfied with the badge they receive, they can unlock another shootout session by sharing the pre-launch campaign information via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or LINE. Sharing on social media sites will allow participants a maximum of up to 12 attempts per day, and the participants can try for the player badge of their choice until the day the game officially launches.

PES Manager Pre-launch campaign is available from here: http://www.konami.jp/pesm.

Source: Konami

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