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Lamudi reveals the extraordinary wealth of the world's real estate billionaires

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Property values are increasing around the globe - and with a buck to be made, the number of global real estate billionaires is also rising. Nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in the emerging markets. Lamudi, the global property platform has just released an infographic showing the spread of billionaire property tycoons worldwide.

With statistics from Forbes’ Magazine’s Billionaire List 2014, the graphic reveals that three top real estate billionaires now hail from emerging markets:

  • Malik Riaz, worth $1.1 USD billion, is a Pakistani real estate investor
  • Andrew Gotianun, a Filipino entrepreneur, is worth $1 billion
  • Wang Jianlin, the wealthiest person in China, worth more than $15 billion

The infographic reveals some further surprising figures about property’s super-wealthy. Of the 1645 billionaires around the globe, just 46 made their fortune in real estate. However, Lamudi Co-Founder and Managing Director, Paul Philipp Hermann, said this number was rising rapidly: “As property prices rise in booming markets like Pakistan and the Philippines, so does the number of ultra-rich real estate tycoons.

We expect to see the number of extremely wealthy property investors explode in these markets in the coming years, as these countries continue to record stellar growth.It is also interesting to note that more and more individuals from emerging markets are making the Forbes’ billionaire list.

The list was once dominated by individuals from the US, but now there are a growing number of individuals from China, Brazil and India. The first billionaires from Algeria, Uganda and Tanzania made the list this year - demonstrating that there is serious business to be done in the emerging markets.”

World's Richest 2014 Infographic

Source: Lamudi

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