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Partas bus drivers, employees join Caltex TB awareness campaign

Caltex TB awareness campaign

“I learned that Tuberculosis (TB) is not hereditary, after all,” says one of the bus drivers of Partas bus company who attended a TB awareness training (above photo). The training is part of the “Caltex Labanan ang TB, para Tsuper Healthy (lit. Fight TB so drivers can be healthy)” campaign, that aims to educate public transport workers on TB prevention, and advocates early detection and treatment.

Through the help of Metro Bus Operators Association (MBOA), 1,289 drivers from 26 bus companies plying EDSA and provincial routes hosted the TB awareness training in their terminals as part their compliance to the Department of Labor’s occupational health and safety standard and regulations.

Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of the Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants, has already taken the TB awareness campaign to Makati, Manila and Quezon City where it reached more than 14,000 or 60% of 23,000 public transport workers (PTW). In a step towards sustainability, the city health officers gave additional certification training to select 57 PTWs. As certified volunteer treatment partners, these select PTWs became qualified trainors who can spread the awareness campaign to the rest of their colleagues on the disease.

The World Health Organization ranks the Philippines as the ninth country with the highest number of TB cases in the world and the highest in Southeast Asia.

Source: Chevron Philippines

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