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Skyscanner looks into the future with creation of white paper

The Future of Travel in ten years’ time

Global travel site Skyscanner has collaborated with research company The Future Laboratory to create a detailed report on The Future of Travel in ten years’ time. The report is split into three distinct sections (Planning and booking; The journey; and Destinations and hotels) covering the main elements of TOM’s (the Traveller Of the Millennium) futuristic travel journey in 2024 from initial inspiration to end destination.

The planning and booking section, which launches today, forecasts an increased personalisation of the process through the use of big data and semantic search.

It also predicts the impact that emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence will have on travel planning and booking, as well as highlighting the various wearable technologies on offer from Google, Samsung, Sony and Apple and how they will evolve to become our indispensable “Digital Travel Buddies”.

The report is the result of in-depth research as well as a series of interviews with experts in their field including Travel Futurologist Dr. Ian Yeoman, Microsoft’s UK Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin; Google Creative Lab Executive Creative Director Steve Vranakis and Skyscanner’s CEO Gareth Williams, CTO Alistair Hann and Head of B2B Filip Filipov.

Commenting on the report Filipov says, “The travel industry has evolved a great deal over the last 10 years since Skyscanner was established. Gareth, our CEO, had the vision to predict the demand for a travel metasearch site and as a company we are constantly evolving our product offering to adapt to consumer demand and the growth of emerging technologies.

“This report now shares Gareth and Skyscanner’s insight on how the travel industry will evolve over the next ten years”.

Read or download the report at www.skyscanner2024.com. Sections two and three will launch at later dates in 2014 and readers can sign up here to request notification.

Source: Skyscanner

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