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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Mobile Game now out on iOS/Android; soon on Windows Phone

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Mobile Game

Spider-Man’s greatest battle begins! Gameloft has just announce the official game for the highly anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film is out now on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Smartphones and Tablets worldwide! More details after the jump.

Become Spider-Man in an action-packed, open-world adventure, as the extraordinary wall-crawler must save New York City from the formidable villain Electro. In this brand new game, players and fans will encounter an edge-of-your-seat cinematic story rife with villains, suspense, action, and chaos wrapped in energetic and intensely fun gameplay.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Mobile Game Features

The Official Game for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie

  • Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast and quick-witted Spider-Man!
  • An original story expanding on the highly anticipated blockbuster film, featuring high quality voice acting and cinematic cutscenes!
  • Go beyond the film with iconic villains like Venom and Kraven the Hunter, new characters like Black Cat, and Spider-Man suits like Symbiote Spider-Man!

Cutting Edge Experience

  • Intense combo-focused combat! Defeat Spider-Man’s greatest enemies – from the street thugs to super villains – in crazy acrobatic style!
  • Swing free through the busy city streets like never before, thanks to high quality, fluid animations!
  • Unleash intense combos through enhanced button controls for a seamless tailored experience!

Massive Enhancements to the Ultimate Playground

  • Larger open-world Manhattan with 6 detailed areas to explore from the bustling Times Square to picturesque Central Park!
  • A bigger, better, and more beautiful experience with console-like graphics!
  • A deeper story with 6 bosses, nearly 100 story missions, and hugely expanded side missions!
  • Spectacular social events, including battling waves of bosses and opponents in Mysterio’s Arena!

Pricing and Availability
The game is available on the App Store and Google Play now for $4.99, and is coming soon to Windows Phone!

Source: Gameloft Philippines

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