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ASUS and Nvidia bundles graphics cards, Watch Dogs and in-game credits!

ASUS-NVIDIA Gear Up Game Bundle

ASUS, a leading electronics company, in partnership with Nvidia, is proud to announce the Gear Up promo, bundling games and other in-game goodies for each purchase of specific ASUS-Nvidia Graphics Cards. Customers who buy select graphics cards until August 12, 2014, are entitled to own a copy of Watch Dogs or in-game currency in online video games.

ASUS-NVIDIA Gear Up Game Bundle

Bundled with ASUS graphics cards is one of the highly-anticipated games of this generation, Watch Dogs. Promising unprecedented exploration and next-generation visuals, the Watch Dogs is on the track of making a big impact in the gaming scene. Showcasing quality performance and efficiency, ASUS graphics cards are more than ready to bring this game in front of gamers’ screens.

Customers who purchase mid-range graphics cards are also in for a treat. In-game cash for the online MOBA, Heroes of Newerth and award-winning RPG, Path of Exile, is bundled together with the product.

Here is the full list of ASUS-Nvidia graphics cards and their corresponding complimentary game codes:

Engineered for Quality Performance
ASUS-made NVIDIA graphics cards have proven themselves worthy of numerous awards and accolades, both local and international. Each card is a piece of quality engineering, equipped with cool thermal systems ensuring long-lasting performance. Also, ASUS takes care of its customers even after they’ve left the counter, offering a three-year warranty service here in the Philippines.

Source: ASUS Philippines

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