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Devant launches Ultra HD TV: Entertainment just got ultra-sized!

Devant Ultra HD TV

Today, high-definition (HD) resolution has become the modern global standard in the digital sphere. Most movies and TV programs are shot with high-definition cameras. When these are aired on television or on cable with HD capability, the audience enjoys sharp life-like images and crisp audio.

Devant, a premium brand of audio-video equipment, recently launched its line of Ultra HD (UHD) TV. A cut above the rest, it is guaranteed to delight even the most discriminating videophile, if not totally exceed this expectation. Devant’s UHD TV boasts of fantastic features in resolution, sound and color.

It has an 8.3 Megapixel resolution that is four times sharper than the resolution of an average full HD TV. Viewing can be enhanced to the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the way motion pictures are framed nowadays. Achieve that cinema-like watching with the Devant Ultra HD TV.

Its 120Hz Vivid Motion feature fast frame refresh rate enables the display of fast-moving action without any blur or delay. The exceptional way to watch all those chase sequences or Formula 1 races!

Devant Ultra HD TV also has a built-in subwoofer that helps surround sound quality produce richer and clearer overall viewing experience.

Moreover, its full color optimizer has a spectrum wider than a full HD TV. The visuals are vividly presented in full details and amazing clarity. It is as if you are experiencing a painter’s beautiful canvas right at the comfort of your living room.

The viewer is furthermore assured of a perfect picture because of Devant UHD TV’s Cross Color Suppressor that controls and separates digital signals during image display. Expect flawless videos that are free from spots and overlapping colors.

Just when you thought entertainment couldn’t get bigger, Devant supersized the concept with its Ultra HD TV.

Devant Ultra HD TV, Devant Smart 3D Internet TVs, and Devant LEDTech TVs are available at leading appliance stores nationwide.

Source: Devant

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