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Fujitsu reveals Service Vision for 2014

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Fujitsu, the leading Japanese information communications technology (ICT) company presented recently the latest Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision, which outlines how ICT will transform business and society. In the 2014 version, Fujitsu introduces Human Centric Innovation, a new approach to realizing business and social value by creating solutions and services that bring together the three dimensions of "people, information, and infrastructure".

Fujitsu launched its first Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision in April 2013, when the company set out its vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society and described its approach to achieve it. Since this announcement, Fujitsu has embarked on a set of initiatives toward this vision. The company has since revised the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision, incorporating the latest technology developments, new ideas and programs to drive innovation.

In a hyper connected world, the key to growth is how people will use ICT to deliver value. Fujitsu wants to use the power of ICT to drive a safer and more prosperous and sustainable society in which knowledge is harnessed and people are empowered to innovate—a Human Centric Intelligent Society.

To fulfill this vision, Fujitsu commits itself to helping the Philippine business sector by developing solutions and programs that can help advance the country’s economy.

“More connectivity means greater collaboration,” says Raul Santiago III, Fujitsu Philippines Inc. (FPI) president and CEO. “The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision underpin the company’s corporate activities spanning research and development, product development, and marketing communication. In line with the vision, Fujitsu is delivering services, products and solutions to enable its customers to realize innovation for a better world and a vibrant Philippines.”

Source: Fujitsu Philippines

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