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Globe myBusiness offers innovative solutions for growing businesses

CCTV bundles and Globe Charge
CCTV bundles and Globe Charge: Innovative solutions from Globe myBusiness!

Constantly delivering fully-customizable and best-value products to enable the growth of microbusiness, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) operating in various industries, Globe myBusiness recently introduced to the market innovative, affordable and easy-to-use solutions to address their specific needs.

"Globe myBusiness understands that entrepreneurs have to monitor and secure multiple fronts in their businesses: from within, in terms of safety and security; as well as their bottom line, pertaining to their sales and profits. That is why we are empowering them with innovative solutions so that we have all these aspects covered," said Globe myBusiness Head of Solutions and Portfolio Management Erli Valdez.

One of these solutions is Globe myBusiness CCTV, which gives MSMEs peace of mind as they monitor their business premises. Those availing of any of the CCTV Bundle units can easily set them up with their "plug-and-play" feature. They can also access the CCTV distantly via video call and remote viewing via their smartphones. Aside from motion detection, they can prompt e-mail alerts as well as pair with other devices.

"Now, Globe myBusiness has just made it easier for MSMEs to keep an eye on their businesses through our very affordable CCTV Bundles, ideal for those who place a premium in strict operations surveillance. The service solves common challenges our entrepreneurs face on control and operational improvement, in terms of maintaining quality products and services, monitoring performance of manpower and deterring pilferage, among many others," explained Valdez.

Globe myBusiness CCTV is now made more economical for MSMEs with discounts of as much as 45% on CCTV devices with any myBusiness Internet application, starting at a Wired Data Plan 1299 DSL subscription under Super Broadband for 24 months, coupled with a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) camera which can be availed of for as low as P489 monthly, through a Globe-BPI BanKO loan facility. Lowest price guarantee for outright payment is also being offered for Giraffe CCTVs.

Recently, Globe myBusiness also launched for owners of stores, bazaars, retail outlets, as well as skilled professionals a ground-breaking solution earmarked to boost their retail activity and spur easy payment processing. Known as Globe Charge, it integrates a smartphone and an innovative mobile card reader into a convenient mobile point-of-sale (POS) payment device. It helps businesses offer convenience to their customers as it accepts credit card payments through their mobile phone or tablets, eliminating the need for traditional and more expensive card terminals.

With Globe Charge, entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to sell to almost 10 million credit card users in the country, with the added convenience of staying connected with their business operations. It acts as a quintessential business tool which enables not only card payments, but also lets them place calls, send texts and surf with their Globe myBusiness postpaid subscription going for as low as P499 for a 30-month contract period. Their Globe Charge transactions are free-of-charge through the data signal of a registered Globe or TM number, or Wi-Fi connection.

"Retailer merchants, MSMEs and even some professionals are now embracing the ease and convenience brought about by Globe Charge, as they have higher chances to receive payments instantly, with settlements as the next banking day. Whereas before they ran the risk of losing sales, Globe Charge significantly heightens the potential of turning each customer interface into a successful transaction," pointed out Globe myBusiness Head of Marketing Barbie Dapul.

Aside from Globe myBusiness CCTV, Globe Charge and other customized services like mobile and broadband plans suited to their business needs, a host of other solutions are made available for MSMEs from basic telecommunications services such as TxtConnect, which lets them send official SMS to large groups efficiently, to advanced information and communications technology (ICT) tools in the form of Google Apps for Businesses, the most affordable way to provide a workforce access to enterprise-grade e-mail and productivity tools powered by Google.

"As their trusted business partner, Globe myBusiness continuously finds ways to help maximize the growth of MSMEs through telecommunications technology and ICT with these innovative solutions, placing premium on ensuring security and increasing sales, ensuring complete piece of mind and translating into profits all for the benefit of their growing business," she added.

For more information on Globe myBusiness CCTV Bundles, Globe Charge and other solutions from the brand, call (02) 730-1010; visit business.globe.com.ph. To know more about Globe Charge, visit mybusiness.globe.com.ph/globecharge.

Source: Globe Telecom

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