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LG BH9540TW Home Theater System: Transforms living rooms into full-fledged cinemas!

LG BH9540TW Home Theater System

LG unveils its newest home theater system (HTS) designed to transform ordinary living rooms into a private screening room. LG’s BH9540TW home theater system boasts 9.1 channels and 1460W of power with aramid fiber speaker cone construction, smart TV capabilities and near-Ultra HD upscaling capabilities.

“The BH9540TW HTS transports viewers right into the heart of the action,” said Byung-hoon Min, Senior Vice President of the Consumer Audio Video Division of LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “Proof of our commitment to providing the best home entertainment experience, this exceptional product combines state-of-the-art speaker technology with our easy-to-use Smart TV platform.”

LG’s latest HTS lets users enjoy a cinema-like experience in the comfort of their own home. The 9.1 channel system pumps out a staggering 1460 watts, enhancing movies, TV programs and music with breathtaking sound quality. Distributing audio in multiple directions, the powerful setup employs a subwoofer to produce deep, rich bass notes and four tall boy speakers — fitted with forward- and upward-facing speaker units — to envelop audiences in superior sound. Additionally, LG’s 3D Surround Processor heightens the user’s sense of immersion.

The speaker cones in the BH9540TW feature a thin membrane constructed from aramid fiber. This durable material provides high tensile strength and heat resistance, preventing the speakers from warping or breaking while also limiting sound distortion and improving audio precision. The aramid fiber speaker cones enable LG’s HTS to reproduce a wide range of frequencies.

The BH9540TW comes equipped with LG’s Smart TV platform, giving users access to an incredible variety of premium streaming services and apps. The HTS also offers several connectivity options, including Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth and Miracast for convenient content streaming and screen mirroring. What’s more, LG’s Private Sound Mode 2.0 is the perfect solution for enjoying content without disturbing other family members. This convenient feature lets users stream audio to their smartphones so that they can listen privately with earphones.

Embracing one of the newest trends in home entertainment, the LG BH9540TW includes an upscaling engine that makes it possible to view content in sharp, near-Ultra HD resolution on compatible 4K TV sets.

Source: LG Philippines

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