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Which smartphones work best with 2014’s most popular apps in the Philippines?

Image Source: pcadvisor.co.uk

From the onset of smartphones’ rise to fame, it’s no shock that the popularity of apps has risen right alongside this. It’s a chicken-or-the-egg scenario: are apps being designed to best fit the latest smartphones, or are smartphones designed to be the fertile breeding ground for great apps? PricePanda has figured out which phone+app equals a match made in heaven in their handy App Guide.

But the real question is, which strategy breeds the best results for end users? Common-sense would say a mix of both, a.k.a. user-led design. Smashing Magazine says in regards to testing an app and the subsequent redesign, “By allowing principles to drive you, you’ll find that you’re more nimble, reasonable and collaborative. Really, you’ll be overall better at getting to solutions.” But due to the easily adjustable nature of digital design, physical technology now has to play catch up. Thankfully, innovations such as 3D printing and open source patents have resulted in lower production costs for getting new designs onto the assembly line and into users’ hands - quickly and cost-effectively!

Top-selling apps are often key to why someone will choose a particular smartphone model. One app in particular that was boosted by this invention is Instagram, which was initially only available on iOS. Mobile-apps have long been inextricable from the smartphone and owe a large part of their evolution to features such as high-megapixel cameras, updated graphics core processors, and continual improvements in touchscreen technology.

Even if this is the first time you’ve been exposed to the concept of hardware design, no need to worry about it. Luckily, one of our busy Pandas has put together a list of smartphones and which of the Philippines’ most popular apps in 2014 are best suited to them.

Read PricePanda’s full App Guide to get the best app recommendations for each particular smartphone.

Source: PricePanda

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