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SMM Philippines announces the CYBERSLAM 2014 Gaming Event (Updated)

CYBERSLAM 2014 Gaming Event
Players Will Rise, and Towers Will Fall This Summer!

Summon your heroes, gather the swarm, and get ready to lock & load, as Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Philippines, the leading iCAFE network solutions provider, is proud to announce their much anticipated CYBERSLAM 2014 Gaming Event happening this coming May 24-25, 2014. The Two Day gaming event will feature tournaments, along with other activities from SMM PH and their sponsors. Admission is free, so muster the horde at the 4th Floor of The Annex Events Area, SM North EDSA now!

“We are proud to present you our much anticipated CYBERSLAM 2014 Event. It is the culmination of our hardwork, and we are hoping that the whole gaming community will reap good harvest from it. You cannot miss it.” – Benson Te, Assistant General Manger.

SMM Philippines CYBERSLAM 2014
The SMM Philippines CYBERSLAM 2014 is a Two Day non-stop action gaming event highlighting Gaming Tournaments aimed to sate every gamer’s appetite for raw eSports action. Games included are WC3 DoTA, DoTA2, StarCraft II, Assault Fire, and HearthStone; Encouraging every gamers out there with their respectable genres of choice to partake in this massive event.

SMM Philippines CYBERSLAM 2014

The MPGL Season VI-5 Class S DoTA2 Finalists will make a cameo at the CyberSlam 2014, to continue where they left off with the current season’s tournament standings. Ultimately bringing professional gaming closer to everyone.

  • Round Robin Style Tournament (Day 1)
  • Double Eliminations Style Tournament (Day 2)
  • Best of Three Grand Finals Series 
  • MPGL Season VI-5 Class S DoTA2 Finals 

TNC AERIS, the recently established femme fatale group of gamers will  attend the event as well, to showcase their talents in the different fields of eSports. Catch them at the CyberSlam 2014!


Additionally, there will be event-wide promotions, exclusive deals, and activities from SMM Philippines’ partners featured at the event. So gamers, cyber cafĂ© owners, and walk-in participants are all accounted for. What are you waiting? Save the date now!

Source: SMM PH

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