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An early Christmas treat with Lenovo’s S and A series smartphones

Unboxing presents is truly an exciting time for most kids, especially during the holidays -- and it was definitely what KC Montero, brand ambassador for Lenovo smartphones, felt when he officially unboxed the latest S and A series smartphones from Lenovo.

“I consider myself a techie person and to be given the chance to be the first to explore the newest Lenovo smartphones is just fantastic!” says KC. “What I love about these smartphones is that they are budget-friendly yet loaded with top features like high-quality cameras and fast processors.”

Lenovo A526
A is for affordability -- but this isn’t the only attractive point about Lenovo A526 smartphone. Of all smartphones in the Lenovo lineup that are available in the Philippines, the A526 stands as the best choice for people who are either starting out on their first smartphone experience (students and the younger set), or professionals who need another phone for clients to separate personal lives from their work lives.

Lenovo A526

The A526 has all the features one will ever need from a dependable smartphone -- from smooth user experience thanks to its Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, its 4.5-inch display and 1.3 GHz quad-core processor to enhance its connectivity and social media capabilities like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, as well as 3G connectivity and a 5-megapixel camera.

The A526 is already out in the market and comes at a suggested retail price of Php5,999.

Lenovo S660
As far as mid-range smartphones that are now out in the market are concerned, it’s hard to find a more affordable yet feature-packed device than the Lenovo S660. KC calls it a ‘manly’ phone. For those who don’t want lightweight phones, the S660 brings together stylish appeal (the brushed metal gives it a more premium look for its price tag) and a powerhouse of apps, as it contains the Lenovo preinstalled apps for sharing files and security for your device.

Lenovo S660

Boasting a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, a long-lasting 3,000 mAh battery (which translates to up to 35 days of standby time), 1GB of RAM with expandable microSD card slot storage, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and the dual SIM capability, you can trust this phone to get you through long days while giving you access to all the files, connections, and contacts that you need.

Best of all, you can now get the Lenovo S660 (with free case!) for only Php9,999.

Lenovo S860
For a phone that has everything you’ll ever need -- a ‘beast’ of a phone, in KC’s experience -- the S860 is one choice you can never go wrong with. From its outside appearance, which features a brushed metal finish that not only looks premium but also adds to durability of its design, to the innards, which boasts of Lenovo’s very own creations (Do It Apps), you’ll surely have everything you will ever need with the S860.

Lenovo S860

There are three Lenovo “Do It Apps” that you can explore and use: the Share It App, which is also a personal favorite of KC, allows you to share files fast and easily with friends and other contacts. To do this, you also won’t need Internet connection anymore as it transforms your own phone into a “hotspot” that allows even group sharing of your files.

The Secure It App, meanwhile, acts as a user’s own free security software that protects the phone from malware, spam, viruses and possible identity theft while also being a handy tool for tracking data use. There’s also Sync It, a cloud-based service that one can use to back up contacts, send SMS and files. This feature allows users to easily restore files onto the device, or transfer them to another Lenovo phone.

Its strongest suit, however, is its 4,000 mAh battery which allows users up to 24 hours of talk time and up to 40 days of standby time — imagine not having to charge your phone for more than a month (especially if you don’t use it as much).

Check out the new Lenovo S860, which is now out in the market for only Php15,999.

Share your epic photo fail and win a gadget from Lenovo 
As a treat for his fans, KC is giving away Lenovo smartphones through a series of mini-contests via social media. All a participant has to do is share his or her funniest photos. The mechanics of these mini-contests will be announced by KC on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, or through his radio show, “The Wild Side,” which airs on Wave 89.1 Monday – Friday from 6am – 9am.

“So far, I have already given away three Lenovo smartphones through photo bomb competitions. And it’s really simple yet fun and creative. I want them to work for it, since I want to share these entries as well to my followers online,” says KC. “Plus, these are really good smartphones that I’m giving away so I want them to be as creative as possible.”

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