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Cooliris launches BeamIt: Transforming messaging from a tool into a powerful, visually rich experience!

Cooliris BeamIt
Communications app delivers features new to the messaging and media-sharing world

Cooliris has just announced the launch of BeamIt, a mobile app and service that blends powerful private messaging with an unparalleled photo experience, introducing a new generation of visual messaging. The app satisfies the unmet and accelerating need where users seek more privacy and control for their communication and media, without sacrificing its quality.

With 1.8 billion photos being shared daily according to the 2014 KPCB Internet Trends by Mary Meeker, photos have now become a main medium of communication. Mobile and wearable cameras are capturing pixels at an unprecedented rate. Yet, today’s sharing functionality in messaging apps is inflexible, bland and bloated with inefficiencies. Photos are treated as isolated attachments instead of being part of a coherent story.

BeamIt seamlessly integrates photos and text in a stunning user experience and introduces powerful features new to the messaging world. With Photo Drawers, users can easily share hundreds of photos at once, all in full resolution, without interrupting the flow of the conversation. BeamIt also enables users to simultaneously and privately share to separate groups or people at the same time – saving the sender the pain of having to separately compose the same message multiple times. Furthermore, the user has complete control with a unique “unsend” feature, which lets the sender delete their content from the entire group. Finally, BeamIt features offline support for composing and curating, so users can interact with their groups, as well as share the media without incurring data usage costs or roaming charges.

“Messaging apps evolved from just text, then added photos, and then came an influx of superfluous features, which pollute the core communication experience,” says Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris CEO and co-founder. “We built BeamIt by intersecting stunning product design with engineering excellence. Every pixel was designed from the ground up and every interaction was challenged to deliver a unique ability to consumers and enterprises to share media-rich experiences inside the messaging container.”

BeamIt leverages two key technologies invented and patented by Cooliris. One is a new layout engine on the client side and the other is a real-time database on the backend. The combination of these innovations makes it possible to have Photo DrawersTM for efficient navigation, provide full control to users for maintaining privacy, and offer offline support to consumers for saving money.

With a freemium business model in place, BeamIt is an advertising-free experience. Premium in-app purchases are scheduled to appear in subsequent versions, with the free baseline experience always remaining stellar. The app is designed for instant gratification of consumer-to-consumer use cases, while elegantly adapting to enterprise-to-consumer interactions and communications.

BeamIt by Cooliris is available free for iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store or at www.beamitapp.com. Android and web versions are in development and coming soon.

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