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What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?

I wouldn’t dare to start this blog enumerating what movies I watched.

Instead, I’ll borrow a story from the movie I fall in love with.

Rancho:   We had an old watchman in our village. On night patrol, he’d call out, ‘aal izz well’. And we slept peacefully. Then there was a theft. And we learned that he couldn’t see at night! He’d just yell ‘aal izz well’, and we felt secure. That day I understood this heart scares easily. You have to trick it. However big the problem, tell your heart, ‘all is well, pal’.

Raju:   Does that resolve the problem?

Rancho:   No. But you gain courage to face it.

So my dear fellas, let’s face this. Movies don’t make us forget our issues, in fact it gives us hope and will to deal with it. After watching, we might be feeling like: “Oh, I’m glad it didn’t happened to me” or something like “Gosh, I would like that” and anything that we should be thankful to be alive. It is a sort of an escape, vividly entertaining, a magic that binds the audience together, enabling us to produce that chemical and physical reactions converted to laugh, tears, amusement, heart pounding and even sexual provocation. Indeed, movies were so powerful that even if years or decades pass by, a person will never forget THAT particular movie.


As a movie goofer, I practically watched all type of films but I developed that sense of fascination into watching suspense thriller/ gore movies. Oh, how I hated that ‘best friend guy’ of Patrick Swayze in Ghost, completed the SAW movie installment and regretted watching the Cannibal Holocaust. Comparing the movie Kiss Me Kate to the Phantom of the Opera, thrilled in the ‘electromagnetic thing’ in Here Comes the Bride, felt weird with the Forrest Gump, and compared the ‘thing’ in Starship Troopers I as mosquito and spider like creature. Moreover, I become obsessed with Hunger Games too, got angry with the bitch (sorry if I used the term here) in Koizora, wondered if there exist a guy like in Perfume. After completing the American Pie chronicles, became a teen again in Crazy Little Thing Called Love, dreamed of driving in one of the luxurious cars in Fast and the Furious franchise and watched those military inspired films, thank you pop, for me, watching movies is not only a hobby but already a routine.

Well, to cite, my FIRST CINEMA experience was when I was a fourth year student and from then on, I practically opted to just watch blockbuster HIT MOVIES ONLY in cinemas. Why? Because even if I am very much willing to queue for movie tickets, I can’t afford it. To state, my first 3D experience was last June 4, for the Maleficent movie. So, you mean FREE passes in CINEMA? You chained it!


You must be already tired reading this so I’ll now get to the point. The movie I fall in love with watching movies (clue above) is the 3 IDIOTS. It is a Hindi film packed with multiple comedic scenes alongside its recurring serious theme. Let’s see: Famous actors? Not really if you only like Hollywood, K-Pop, (OPM) Original Pilipino Movies or never seen a Hindi film. Almost 3 hours? Not quite a boost factor. Singing and awkward dance moves from that uber masculine guys? Well, I had a second thought. A typical Hindi film, what would you expect? But defying everything else and surpassing my expectations, here are the reasons why I opted for this movie.

Social REELevance

Social REELevance
The tuneful song ‘Aal Izz Well’ paved the scene of a senior college student hanged himself in his dorm while one of the lead actor (an idiot) jumps from a third floor window attempting suicide. Towards the end, it was revealed that the heroine’s brother throws himself in front of a train. All of them were promising middle-class college students, driven to suicide by the pressure to succeed. Citing a study in The Lancet, suicide was considered the second leading cause of death among Indians between the ages of 15-29. The song “Aal Izz Well”, inspired a website aimed at helping Indians considering suicide. You see, it’s not just about top notch fiction writing, it is called HARSH REALITY.

Cultural Intersection

Cultural Intersection
When I googled the movie, results displayed that 3 Idiots was also a hit and subjected to nominations in other Asian and Western countries. I believe in that moment, moviegoers, shared the same bond. The power of cinema to cross borders and boundaries was immediately evident. It did not matter that the characters weren’t locales; nor Chinese or even the cultural references. But the metaphors were universal – the harsh and rigid education system.

It’s packed with the REEL thing!

It’s packed with the REEL thing!
If you are a movie critic, I assure you of the following: Awarded as Best Film, Best actor and Best Director and Best International DVD in the Annual Central European Bollywoods Awards, India in 2010 (Popular Award). From the Awards of the International Indian Film Academy, 2010, (Award for Technical Excellence) specifically: Best Story, Best Screenplay, Best Dialogue, Best Background Score, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Recording, Best Sound Re-Recording. And oh, this movie has an overall rating of 100% in Rotten Tomatoes to say at least. Movie tagline? “Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down”. My favorite movie line? “That day we learned, when your friend flunks, you feel bad, when he tops, you feel worse”. And I’m telling you my dear readers, I feel worse being guilty to that.

GMovies App - Sony Xperia SP

As Shakespeare said, “All's well that ends well”. Now my story comes to an end, fear no more for thy movies are here! 'Tis high time to start a new and fresh motion picture to watch for. Heard of ‘How GMovies is the ultimate pocket app for your movie fix?’ This is how thee works.

Ever tired of queuing to see a much awaited movie in the cinemas? Now, there is a new and first application in the country called GMovies who addresses this problem. Instead of queuing for the tickets, the app will allow you to buy your own movie tickets through your smartphones, whenever and wherever in the Philippines. You can click on a particular movie to view its synopsis. It can also provide you with updates, current and upcoming movie releases. Created by Globe Telecom, it is offered FREE for download for both Android and iOS users.

Fully enjoy the GMovies experience by following their social pages:


Good news my readers! As part of this blog contest, they will also give the grand winner’s blog readers a chance to experience the same ReeL experience by giving out #movieallyoucan passes! One of the lucky readers who commented his/her answer on the winning blog entry would also win the consolation prize – two (2) FREE movie dates each week for one (1) month! Isn’t it awesome?

So, let us both cross our fingers and hope for the best. Release that movie maniac in you and ponder, “What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?”

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