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Start-ups need more than tax-exemption, Gov't should provide comprehensive support to start-ups

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"Start-ups in the country need more than just tax exemptions to takeoff," reacts Mr. Rick Bahague of the Computer Professionals' Union (CPU) on the Start-Up Business Bill filed by Senator Bam Aquino. CPU is a network of ICT professionals' united in advancing ICT for the people. "While this bill is a welcome initiative, a more appropriate government intervention should be similar to the efforts of South Korea." adds Mr. Bahague.

In South Korea a 15-year plan to support start-ups from infancy to maturity was started last year. The "creative economy" is pushing for the "convergence of science and technology with industry, the fusion of culture and industry, and the blossoming of creativity" with the clear goal of creating new "engines of economic growth and employment". "Unlike the half-baked Start-Up Business Bill, South Korea is providing all necessary support for innovative ideas," adds Mr. Bahague.

"The BS Aquino administration is yet to have a program which creates an environment conducive for start-ups to flourish including availability of public innovation facilities to test and implement innovative ideas, accessible government funding, and adequate intellectual property protection. In the long term, we have to develop science and technology, build indusries, develop information and communications technology (ICT) to support social needs and improve the lives or our people which will be the source of various creativity that can be supported by the government," explains Mr. Bahague.

The recent flood of various bills shows how current legislators comprehend the nature of technology and its environment like Senator Ralph Recto's Public Wifi Bill and Bilis Konek Bill. "While these bills are welcome, they do not provide appropriate solutions to current problems of internet users and the start-up industry. The Philippine ICT industry sits on unlocked potential until there is a genuine need from various sectors of the local economy," concludes Mr. Bahague.

Source: Computer Professionals' Union

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