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foodpanda launches next generation mobile food delivery application

foodpanda mobile app
Experience the world’s fastest food delivery app!

foodpanda becomes a truly mobile company with its revolutionarily upgraded app in a brand-new overall design. The most global online food delivery marketplace released the new generation of its mobile app, offering easy access to the menus of more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 40 countries across four continents. The new app is available on all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia X and Asha.

“The release of our next generation app marks another milestone for foodpanda. We have noticed the immense growth of mobile in all our markets and have used all our experience and knowledge to develop the most convenient food delivery app. The future of food ordering is mobile and we are best positioned to be the clear frontrunner” Ralf Wenzel, Global Managing Director

The mobile application allows customers to see recommended local restaurants and to select from thousands of dishes for delivery and take-out. Menus come with food pictures and restaurants carry customer reviews and ratings. In addition to that, foodpanda offers exclusive deals and special offers from a large variety of restaurants. Returning users can access their order history for fast and convenient re-order. Furthermore the app allows users to customize their meals just like in the restaurant by choosing, replacing or adding their toppings of choice. The fully custom-built next generation app demonstrates consistency and convenience across every step of the food ordering process. It is clear, sharp and without a doubt, more beautiful.

“We have been listening to our customers’ feedback and we worked hard to meet and exceed their expectations. It was a very thought-through process of trial and error: we experimented, compared, analyzed and finally we reinvented our app. I am certain our customers will be pleasantly surprised with this change. The design has been developed and adjusted in order to improve, sharpen and perfect the overall experience.” Edin Memisevic, Head of Mobile Application

foodpanda just brought its online food ordering service to the Philippines at the beginning of June 2014. The Filipino market represents a great potential for the international group as it combines two key success factors: the thrilling passion for food and the increasing penetration of smartphones. Offering diversity in terms of cuisines and developing a user-friendly app are therefore crucial steps that foodpanda has taken towards making their customers happily sated.

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