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Kakao releases 2.0 update for KakaoTalk for Windows

KakaoTalk for Windows Group Call Profile

Kakao recently released a version 2.0 update for KakaoTalk for Windows, providing a number of new features and enhancements to the popular social messenger. The 2.0 update marks the first time a voice-calling feature is available on Kakao’s desktop messaging app, and includes significant UI and UX revamps as well as a much more immersive design layout.

As with previous updates, Kakao’s focus for version 2.0 was on incorporating user habits and feedback into KakaoTalk for Windows for an enriched messaging experience. A prime example is the implementation of the Free Call feature, previously only available to mobile user. Windows users can now enjoy free and dependable voice calls with up to five users at once, even in regions with unpredictable mobile networks.

Substantial upgrades were made in regards to both the user interface and the overall messaging experience. Menus frequently accessed by users, including File Box and Album, were relocated within the Settings tab on the upper right-hand corner, allowing for convenient managing. Messaging tools such as emoticons, the new Free Call and file sending are now positioned directly below the chat window for easy, one-click access. Plus, with photos being the most common file type sent through KakaoTalk, Kakao added a new attachment option specific to photos for version 2.0. When clicked on, only the image files show up as attachable options, so selecting and sharing photos is simpler than ever.

KakaoTalk for Windows Chatroom Before and After

Kakao also modified design elements, including a new, eye-catching font, to create a more immersive and visually satisfying chat interface. Users can also customize their chatrooms with colorful background themes and enjoy many of the style elements that helped popularize the mobile version.

KakaoTalk for Windows UI Before and After

Making frequent changes to the user profile image and status message is much simpler as well, as both can be accessed via the More tab on the menu bar, and profile pictures in group chatrooms are now displayed window frame-style, showing up to four user images at once.

KakaoTalk for Windows can be downloaded from the official Kakao site and is available in Korean, English and Japanese.

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