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[MOVIE] Yana Toboso’s bestselling manga series “Black Butler” adapted to screen

Hiro Mizushima - BLACK BUTLER
Opens on July 23 exclusive in SM Cinemas nationwide!

The original comic series “Black Butler” that female Japanese artist Yana Toboso illustrated and wrote had been serialized in the monthly G-Fantasy, published by Square Enix.  The manga series had been adapted to a movie with the same title, “Black Butler,” directed by Kentaro Otani (“Nana” series) and Keiichi Sato (“Asura”) with a screenplay by Tsutomo  Kuroiwa, stars Mizushima in the titular role of the Black Butler who goes by the name Sebastian.

While the original manga is set in 19th century England, this new film is set more than 130 years later in 2020, in an Asian city where Western and Asian cultures freely intermingle. At the time when the movie is set, only males can take the reins of the Phantomhive family, a young woman named Shiori dons male clothes and took on the name Kiyoharu to lead the massive Phantom Corporation.

Sebastian is a demonic butler. Perfect at the preparation and serving of exquisite meals and in providing service and protection.  He has an extensive knowledge of all fields.  Sebastian is bound by a secret contract to serve his master, Kiyoharu (Goriki), and in return for supporting his master’s mission, Sebastian will receive Kiyoharu’s soul at the end of the bargain.

Mizushima plays Sebastian to the hilt, as the perfect but arrogant butler with elegant movement and stylish manners.  As the movie gets into the darker side. Mummified dead bodies of various dignitaries from around the world are being discovered, a mysterious tarot card left beside each of them at the scene.  Kiyoharu, a young head of the Genpo noble family sees the world as it heads into chaos.  He also serves as a secret watchdog for the Queen, a service that his family has provided for generations.  The Queen orders Kiyoharu to solve the mummification incidents.  As he starts to investigate, he hires the services of his perfect butler, Sebastian, who is actually a demon.  Kiyoharu has been hiding his true identity since his parents’ tragic death years earlier.

“Black Butler” will open exclusive in SM Cinemas nationwide on July 23 and will be distributed by Silverline Inc.

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