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Jump For Your Life: The next big Filipino-made iOS game!

Jump For Your Life!

The upcoming iOS game from Yes Please Games called Jump For Your Life. It's 100% Filipino-made endless platformer with original gameplay, graphics and even music. Jump For Your Life is also believe to be the next big mobile game made by Filipinos.

Play as Pudgy McEaton, the world's fattest treasure hunter, as he tries to prove to the world that he can be a halfway decent treasure hunter despite his size. Jump around as you collect gems in a dungeon so old that it cannot support his weight. Avoid deadly obstacles and use upgradable powerups as Pudgy literally jumps for his life.

Jump For Your Life Features

  • Unique Skill-based Gameplay
  • Intense Platformer Experience
  • Deadly Obstacles
  • Upgradable Powerups
  • Secret Gems
  • Treasure Chest Rewards
  • Shake Support

Jump For Your Life will be available for Free in the App Store on July 30, 2014. Initial release will be for the iPhone.

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