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Robust Globe network boosts subscription to bulk data plans

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The growing pervasiveness of the Globe Telecom's 3G and 4G coverage as well as proliferation of competitively-priced smartphones led over 90% of the company's mobile data customers to subscribe to bulk data plans to meet their growing requirement for internet connectivity.

As the telecommunications provider expects to equip 100% of its network with 4G HSPA+ technology by the end of third quarter, more and more mobile customers are seen subscribing to bulk data plans. "More than ever, customers see the benefits of staying connected wherever they area. With the prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices, people are able to make phone calls, but also perform a myriad of tasks even when they are away from their homes and offices," Globe Chief Operating Advisor Peter Bithos said.

With substantial increases in smart-device penetration, so does the demand for reliable and efficient data plans. Individuals now consider connectivity an essential – needing access to the web anytime, anywhere. In an emerging market like the Philippines, mobile devices will often be used as the primary or only connection to the internet, noted Bithos.

With that, leading telco companies like Globe Telecom take on the challenge of going beyond texts and call services to improve a customer's overall mobile experience. From the success of Globe Free Facebook, the company took on the opportunity to introduce better data plans that not only fulfill the customer's connectivity needs but also add value for their money.

Understanding these needs, Globe recently introduced GoSURF, its latest consumable mobile internet plan which offers customers megabytes (MB) of data used to access the Internet. To date, over 90% of Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, TM and Tattoo Prepaid customers enjoy access to the World Wide Web with the new GoSURF plans. Globe follows the lead of international telco giants like Verizon that have started offering bulk data plans. Verizon recently emphasized that they will start throttling back LTE speeds on its heaviest unlimited-plan subscribers when they move into congested cells on its network.

"We are glad to see that more Filipinos have grown to embrace their digital lifestyle with the use of bulk data plans that give them more value for their money. With GoSURF, customers get to choose from a wide range of consumable data plan, for as low as P10 for 10 MB to as high as P2499 for 15 MB, "added Bithos.

While on GoSURF, customers only pay for the data they consume, whatever their online activity may be. From sending important emails to updating social networking sites, one is only charged through the MBs used. In terms of usage, compared to previous Globe SuperSurf promos, GoSURF is not subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP), where a customer's mobile browsing experience is affected when data usage goes beyond the allocation. With GoSURF, a customer is allowed to use up the purchased amount of data without being throttled or switched to slower speeds.

GoSURF plans also come with the no bill shock guarantee to ensure that customers are protected from excessive data charges. Aside from providing a reliable data connection, GoSURF subscribers also get free access to top notch content such as Spotify for 6 months. Globe forged a partnership with the leading music streaming service to provide customers free access to over 30 Million songs without consuming the data allocation.

Recently, Globe also announced that its network already has 100% 3G coverage, and by end of September this year, 100% 4G HSPA+ coverage, enabling faster and more seamless browsing for its over 44 million mobile and broadband customers.

To know more about Globe and its latest data plans visit http://www.globe.com.ph/surf/plan/gosurf.

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