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Freelancer launches domain and website marketplace, Freemarket.com


Freelancer recently launched Freemarket.com, an online marketplace which facilitates the exchange of digital goods particularly, websites and domains among technology entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, webmasters and operators of web properties.

Freelancer is home to one of the world’s largest communities of web developers and designers and with the recent acquisition of Warrior Forum, the world’s largest internet marketing community, the demand for a safe platform to buy and sell domains and websites has skyrocketed.

Surveys and feedback from the Freelancer.com and Warrior Forum communities showed its members were largely dissatisfied with available domain sale options, and were looking for a way to leverage the sites’ wide-reaching user base - a powerful network no other marketplace currently has access to.

“The suite of Freelancer.com offerings means that our community has access to a full service platform when creating, building and selling their entire business or services online. With no listing fees and only a 5% commission, Freemarket is the cheapest way to sell websites and domains in the industry. ”, Freelancer.com Chief Executive Matt Barrie remarked.

On Freemarket, sellers can post both websites & domains and may opt to either put them up for auction or use the 'Buy-It-Now' option. Once listed, interested buyers will be able to bid or buy the asset. When the seller finds the right deal, a seamless handover process takes place.

“By tapping into the rapidly growing Freelancer network, Freemarket.com will be the best site for buying and selling domains and websites online.”

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