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Internet stars band together to better online searching with #GoogleMoLang


Internet content creators like comedic talent Mikey Bustos, Marco Ho or Bogart the Explorer and his manager Jako de Leon, and restaurateur Erwan Heusaff heavily depend on online search in acquiring information and developing shareable content for their audience. But based on experience, limited know-hows in online search are often frustrating when people can't make sense of the results or can’t seem to find what they’re looking for.

Seeing how online search impacts their work and practically every person’s life, the creators banded with OPM band Sponge Cola and heartthrob group Chicser to form #GoogleMoLang, a movement that calls on Filipinos to maximize the full potential of online search. The creators are early Internet adopters who have utilized the web to advance their talents and have proven there’s a wide range of other useful things to be explored online.

Marco describes the movement as getting people to see ways in which Google Search can be used in everyday life. “The net has become a home for Internet content creators like Bogart, and we feel the responsibility to make information more accessible for everyone. #GoogleMoLang is a reminder that at every step of people’s search online, Google Search is there to assist them on their quest,” he said.

As part of the movement, the Internet stars, together with Google, devised an online game “Google Mo Lang” (www.google.com.ph/campaigns/googlemolang/) where netizens take a virtual adventure to create the perfect night. The interactive game simulates real-life setting by prompting users to use the search engine—through a host of tips and tricks—as they make decisions on how they'd like their night to continue.

“#GoogleMoLang aims to deepen Filipinos’ knowledge and use of Search. It is the surest shortcut to most items that concern or interest people, so why not maximize it?” Mikey said.

Erwan, who manages the The Fat Kid Inside blog where he shares ways and recipes on healthy eating habits, said Search helps a lot in developing new recipes and in bringing the advocacy closer to the reach of many Filipinos. “I use it everyday, both for my blog and to my day-to-day work. I use it to research emerging trends on food recipes as well as key items people are looking for, what people are hungry for. Being able to find them and pull them together in one simple step makes my work so much easier,” said Erwan.

For the young boy band members of Chicser, Google Search has become an aide. “It has a strong impact on us because through it, we can do and know things fast, from homework to new ideas for our videos," said Biboy Cabingon, Chicser member.

Sponge Cola’s lead guitarist Erwin Armovit turns to Google Search to find the music materials he needs. “When learning new songs, Search comes in handy in finding the chords and lyrics. When scouting for the latest playing equipment, guitars, amps, and pedals for new techniques when recording, Search is our gateway for quick access to information.”

According to the band’s lead vocalist Yael Yuzon, Search plays an important role in leaving people no more in the dark. “Information is everywhere. It's just a matter of how people can get access to it. Google Search bridges you from being uninformed to informed. Having the right information that you need is already half a battle won.”

“Google Search ‘listens’ to what people exactly mean by their queries and give people back what they truly need. It shapes our lifestyle by helping us make the right decisions from the best available information,” said Ryan Morales, Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager.

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