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Intrepid traveller enjoys the fast lane with Lenovo Vibe Z

Lenovo Vibe Z

To be able to chase sunsets, waterfalls, lighthouses and extreme adventures to his heart’s content — this must be one of the most enviable perks that Angel Juarez currently enjoys thanks to Lenovo Vibe Z, the flagship award-winning smartphone that was first unveiled at CES 2014.

Though having a nine-to-five job means he can’t just hie off to some mountains in the middle of a work week, this travel blogger, scuba diver, mountain biker, backpacker, hobbyist photographer, newbie surfer, and environment advocate still loves having a full-time job as an IT analyst. And why not, when working for one of the country’s airline companies means he has travel benefits, a boon which he happily maximizes.

To blog or not to blog

For Angel, travelling and blogging are not just his passions; they are his outlets, a way to de-stress. “I find it consoling to have something to look forward to, be it a food trip, a fun dive, an unspoiled beach, unknown waterfalls or mountain’s peak, an epic ride, or whatever weekend adventure awaits me,” Angel explains.

Since the creation of Lakwatsero.com in 2008, it has either been nominated, been a finalist or a winner in various blog awards. In 2013, it bagged two prestigious titles, the Skyscanner Philippines Travel Blog Oscars 2013 User’s Choice, and the Skyscanner International Travel Blog Oscars 2013 User’s Choice. Visit the website and you’ll understand why—his photoblogs offer extremely good pictures, his travelogues make you feel as if you actually took the trip with him, his travel guides are so practical and helpful, and his dive reports and bike diary entries are so exhilarating.

Since acquiring his Lenovo Vibe Z, he considers it to be his most important gadget as a travel blogger. “My life as a blogger is in it. My travel photos, notes, blog drafts, contacts… practically everything (is there) to keep me going and blogging,” Angel shares. The winner of Laptop Mag’s Best Smartphone Award at CES 2014, Vibe Z wraps LTE capabilities, dual high def cameras, gorgeous style and top technologies including gesture controls, photo enhancement software and more into one incredible device to ensure that users can truly have the best smartphone experience.

All mapped out… or not
Angel admits that he sometimes goes on trips without a detailed itinerary in mind, especially on his solo travels. “I work best while cramming so my planning usually comes late or not at all.” This spontaneous guy who loves surprises and hates expectations has “mastered this habit of going straight to the airport or bus terminal or ferry port at the close of business hours on Friday, then report for work on Monday morning.”

Lately, Angel has only been bringing the Vibe Z on his trips. The day after he acquired his unit, he brought it on his bike ride to Palo Alto Falls in Rizal. “I had no idea how the Vibe Z would fare but it produced amazing results! Vibe Z just proved to me that it can be a perfect companion.”

Palo Alto Falls
Palo Alto Falls, one of Rizal’s best kept secrets. Photo taken with a Lenovo Vibe Z.

The svelte Vibe Z weighing just 147 grams is ideal to bring anywhere, yet packs in superior performance technologies starting with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-core 2.2GHz processor. It is loaded with 2GB of memory, up to 16GB internal storage and runs Android 4.3.

Of thrilling adventures and smooth navigations
“I was scouting for an LTE phone with awesome camera and long battery life and the Lenovo Vibe Z satisfied all my three requirements and even surpassed it by having a lot more fascinating features,” narrates Angel.

The 7.99mm thin silver or titanium body with a laser-etched, fabric-feel rear cover is what caught his attention first, saying it’s “an eye candy!” and “it looks sturdy, too.” The 5.5-inch full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS wide-angle viewing display adds to its beauty, as well as the 20/20 Vision display with a pixel density of 400 pixels per inch.

“What I like the most are the 13MP rear camera and the LTE connectivity,” enthuses Angel. “The 13MP camera is amazing! The images are sharp and crisp, the colors are vivid, and the image quality is comparable to the point-and-shoot cameras so I can use it in my blog posts. I guess I can now totally get rid of my DLSR especially on my trips that require me to travel light.” The Vibe Z’s rear camera has a large f1.8 aperture lens to defy low light situations and capture breathtaking photos. It also has a 5MP front camera equipped with an 84° lens for wide-angle shots.

The seat and office of the Governor General of Dutch East India Company now serving as
Jakarta History Museum. Photo taken with the Lenovo Vibe Z

And why does he appreciate its LTE capabilities? “With Lenovo Vibe Z, I can now fully maximize my unlimited data plan, and even better, I will now be connected all day, in high speed,” he says.

The world as his oyster
Aside from his blogs at Lakwatsero.com, Angel’s works and photos have also been featured and published elsewhere such as in Yahoo, PAL’s Mabuhay Magazine and Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine just to name a few. He also writes for www.visitsagada.com and www.padyak.ph. His must-do’s and tips for traveling include planning ahead (although he doesn’t always heed it); travel light; keep your loved ones abreast of your whereabouts; listen to your body; listen to travel advisories; expect surprises and misadventures; and lastly, enjoy every moment of it.

The Vibe Z pretty much offers him everything. “In my work, it helps me organize my schedule and lets me respond to e-mails while on the go. As a travel blogger, it helps me to be connected and updated in the online world. As a traveler and adventurer, it is now my all-in-one gadget: my camera, notepad, planner, e-book reader, movie streamer and everything that a backpacker needs,” concludes Angel.

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