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[MOVIE] Rupert Grint voices Amadeo in “Foosball: The Unbeatables”

Foosball: The Unbeatables

Rupert Grint of the worldwide phenomenon “Harry Potter” franchise voices Amadeo, a gifted young boy with a unique gift as the best foosball player ever in the upcoming animated movie for the family – “Foosball: The Unbeatables” (titled in the US as “Underdogs” from its original Argentine title “Metegol”). The movie was supervised by Sergio Pablos who is also known for his works in the hit movies “Rio” and “Despicable Me.”

In their small town, there isn’t a single challenger good enough to beat Amadeo at foosball. But the rest of his life isn’t as shining as his foosball achievements. He is in love with his friend Laura, but is too shy to bring himself to open his heart to her. So he just hangs out in the quaint, timeless village. Soon enough, Amadeo grows up to be the best foosball player of all time. And even though he is a good-natured likable young man, his time is spent playing foosball and little else. Then one day, Amadeo finds his ordinary routine derailed by the return of his childhood rival Flash, a kid his age who has come seeking revenge for a match he lost to Amadeo years back. Despite his fame and fortune from being the best soccer in the world, Ace is bent on crushing Amadeo, destroying the bar where he works and his foosball machine, on winning Laura’s affections and even turning the village into an “Ace” theme park and stadium.

“Foosball: The Unbeatables” opens very soon this October 1 in theatres nationwide from Axinite Digicinema.

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