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GB Play Modoo Marble: A classic monopoly game that offers new twists and exciting features!

Modoo Marble

GB Play Inc., has just announced that this year they will be launching a new online casual board game entitled Modoo Marble. A free to play online casual board game, Modoo Marble lets you play with your family and friends in a classic monopoly game that offers new twists and exciting features. Players will take turns in purchasing properties while having a chance to visit the most popular places around the globe.


  • Discover the historical treasure of each country as you travel to different places around the globe. Invest in the real estate business and be the richest player in Modoo Marble.
  • Fortune Cards give you the opportunity to triumph and control each other’s destiny! Some may lead you to victory and others might direct you to your downfall. So be witty and wise to succeed and win the prize.
  • Play the fastest casual game with your family. Team up with your friends and challenge other players in a game of strategy.

For more info, just check their official teaser site at http://www.modoomarble.ph/

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