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[PROMO ALERT] Make your Halloween a HalloWin with Lenovo’s Phone Cemetery Digital Contest!

Lenovo Phone Cemetery Digital Contest
Win a new smartphone by writing an obituary over dead phone

Kids are not the only ones having fun on Halloween as Lenovo launches its Phone Cemetery Digital Contest to celebrate All Saints’ Day with its fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from Oct. 17 to Nov. 2. More details after the jump.

People have different stories to tell about how their phones died – either they dropped it; soaked it in water; sat on it or it just stopped working because of old age. Whatever way it died, Lenovo wants to hear about it through its Phone Cemetery contest. To join, participants must send in their most creative cellphone obituary and three lucky winners picked out via a raffle draw will each receive a brand new Lenovo A536 smartphone.

Interested contenders may send in their entries through Twitter or Instagram, with hashtags #MyDeadPhone and #PhoneCemetery. They may also upload their entries through their Facebook accounts, tagging the official Facebook page of Lenovo Mobile Philippines. Participants may send in as many unique entries as they can within the contest period.

For more information about the contest, visit Lenovo Mobile Philippines Facebook page.

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