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CloudFone announces GEO 400LTE and GEO 400LTE+

CloudFone GEO 400LTE and GEO 400LTE+

In its advocacy to bring Android for all, came the CloudFone GEO series, a line-up of deliberately-crafted devices that aim to empower, enable, inspire, and motivate the youth to live the lifestyle they want in the social hub they have created and the world of possibilities where they discover, explore, and move within.

Born from a line-up of firsts were the GEO 400q, GEO 400q+, GEO 401q, GEO 402q. From the only phones produced through network provider and device manufacturer collaboration, the first student smartphone specifically targeting the millenials, the most affordable Gorilla glass smartphone, the creation of more and more wonderful devices are just about to get even more exciting.

Now in November of 2014, once again come devices that will surely knock everyone off their feet as CloudFone proudly introduces the CloudFone GEO 400LTE and CloudFone GEO 400LTE+, the latest value LTE smartphones that finally makes 4G connectivity accessible to everyone!

With the CloudFone GEO 400LTE and CloudFone GEO 400LTE+, CloudFone enables users with access to the fastest network speeds. As CloudFone continues to innovate and look for answers to our common woes, CloudFone creates products that add value to bring forth technologies that lets users experience what true smartphones are all about – enabling you to stay connected, do more, and enjoy. No more taking forever to post that photo on Instagram that keeps failing to upload, no more forgetting about that interesting article your friend linked with webpages that used to take ages to load, no more getting frustrated over buffering those YouTube videos that won’t play, no more losing battles during Clan wars just because your 3G network keeps disconnecting.

CloudFone GEO 400LTE Rear

Backed up by parts that make up a true all-around partner-in-crime, the CloudFone GEO 400LTE and CloudFone GEO 400LTE+ are both equipped with a handy 4” display that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand, a 5 MP rear camera that lets you shoot photos on the go without worries, and a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor for efficient power management and task processing. While both having similar wonderful specs, CloudFone GEO 400LTE+ makes it all even better by having double the RAM of the CloudFone GEO 400LTE to make sure it handles all the works of your device and keeps up with the need for power and multitasking capabilities of more demanding lifestyles.

There is definitely not much waiting anymore. Keep your eyes open, as it might just come with a price tag that is sure to shock and make you look again. The CloudFone GEO 400LTE is coming soon and you better be (LTE) ready.

CloudFone GEO 400LTE Retail Box

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