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Four more ways to make your chat life more interesting with WeChat


So your parents ground you because you did something really awful and you’re not allowed to leave the house. What should you do during those boring nightlife? Well, make your chat life more interesting instead.

1. While friends are out, send them custom animated stickers so you can still be part of the fun

Viola! While your friends are just using static stickers, yours are animated. Not just that, you have your own set of stickers. It’s your face with the sexy body of Sailormoon. Send them your latest stickers using the MojiMe app and I’m pretty sure they will stop dancing with that random dude they just met and start creating their own stickers first. #mystickersareMOREpopularthanme

2. Convince your friends to share the best parts of the night through group chat

We already know you are stuck in your room alone and there’s no way you can be physically be with your friends right now. If they are your REAL friends, they will make you feel like you are present at the party. Mandate them to post live feeds on your GROUP chats of their outfits and happenings of the night. #MOREnightouts

3. Laugh at awesome videos & articles

Read the latest viral topics online instead so you can forget how sucky your night has become. Just search “BuzzFeed” in WeChat and add the account to read and watch the hottest “share-worthy” content on your smartphone. Also chat keywords such as “LOL, WIN, OMG, CUTE, FAIL, WTF” and discover new awesome articles on demand.

4. Be the next online sensation
Top YouTube sensation Allan Soriano (@AteCharon) and other popular teens are already making themselves more famous by making their own rendition of the new WeChat jingle. Why not try to be the next online sensation and make a video of yourself and upload it on your social media channels? Then, use the hashtag #WeChatPaMore to compare your videos with others!

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