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Purchase any Kingston SSD and get an USB drive for free with Kingston Christmas Hot Sale!

Kingston Christmas Hot Sale

Kingston has just announced the “Christmas Hot Sale” promotion is on-going in selected stores in the Philippines. Buy any V300, V310, or FURY SSD in 120GB or above, you’ll get a USB drive for free. First come first served, so buy now while supplies last!

Kingston is known to deliver SSDs at the best price to performance ratio as possible and that makes Kingston SSD a perfect Christmas gift in this holiday season. Since 2012, the SSDNow V300 has been one of the best choices for budget-minders. This year Kingston announced V310; with the capacity of 960GB, it allows enough space for a true HDD replacement so users can migrate their entire hard drive over with storage to spare. Other than the SSDNow V series for everyday users, Kingston also provides HyperX FURY SSD for entry-level gamers who want quicker boot times, application loading and file execution. Now with the offer to buy an SSD and get one USB drive for free, this is the best choice of a Christmas gift for your loved ones and yourself!

“Christmas Hot Sale” – Fire Up Your Holiday Spirit with Kingston Goodies!
Date: Starts NOW while stocks last!
Purchase designated SSD products and get and USB drive for free!
Focus Products: V300, V310 and HyperX FURY SSD

  • Buy 120 GB SSD will get an 8GB USB Drive for free
  • Buy 240 GB and above will get a 16GB USB Drive for free

For more participate store information, please visit http://www.kingston.com/en/landing/phhotsale

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