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Lifestyle blogger explores more with the Lenovo S850 smartphone

Lenovo S850

Life for Jackie Go is always bright and beautiful. Throw lemons at her and she’ll make you a refreshing glass of lemonade.  She hopes that through her writing, she can share the positivity which is what her blog gojackiego.com is all about.

Jackie has the most important job in world and wants to be the best at it -- which is being a mother. A television and commercial print ad model on the side, Jackie writes about the latest fashion and beauty trends, new restaurants, domestic diva tips, motherhood and everything in between. She inspires her readers, especially moms, like her to look and feel fabulous even when changing diapers.

To keep up with the demands of motherhood, modeling and blogging at the same time, Jackie considers gadgets as extremely important tools for her lifestyle. She narrates, "My laptop, camera and, most of all, my smartphone are non-negotiable. They help me get work done, connect me to my loved ones and lets me fulfill the different roles I play with ease."

Finding the Perfect Smartphone

Jackie Go
As a mom, model and blogger, she never runs out of errands to do. She frequents the supermarket and the malls to buy the basics for her family.

The Lenovo S850 is Jackie's personal pick amongst the many smartphones in the market today because of the many features that fit her lifestyle. The Lenovo S850, which houses a 1.3GHz MediaTek Quad Core running on Android 4.2. Jelly Bean, is her go-to gadget to look for recipes that she can try out or search for new kid-friendly places in town. She also likes to shop online, update her status in her social media accounts and use messaging apps to talk to her family.

With its premium all-glass exterior that is conveniently thin and lightweight, Jackie can carry the Lenovo S850 around with her as she go places, attend blogging events and fashion shows. The Lenovo S850 is available in pink, white and dark blue colors so that fashionista moms like Jackie can flaunt their own styles.

The Lenovo S850 Experience
Jackie describes the Lenovo S850 as intuitive and refreshing. Her favorite feature of the Lenovo S850 is its camera.  It sports a 13-megapixel auto focus rear camera and a 5-megapixel auto focus front camera, both with face recognition. It has a pinch to zoom function that allows Jackie to easily adjust taking shots. The front camera has a wide-angle lens, which is great for taking selfies.

The Lenovo S850 has special filters and lighting effects similar to digital cameras to enhance the quality of the photos. Jackie says, "The camera options make it easier for me to capture moments that are worth remembering, making it upload and Instagram ready." She has fun taking selfies and OOTDs (outfit of the day) with the Lenovo S850.

The Lenovo S850’s DoIt apps make it easier for Jackie to do more in a day. One of her favorites is the SHAREit application that lets her instantly share pictures not only with Lenovo smartphones and tablets but also with iOS devices and Windows PCs. SHAREit cuts down a lot of time in having to transfer files using cables. SHAREit can send photos and video files with up to five people at once.

Jackie also uses the SYNCit app for instant back-up of contacts, SMS messages and call logs to the cloud. Being a model and blogger, she meets many people whose contact details she can back-up and restore in seconds with SYNCit.

Purveyor of Happiness
Jackie continues to share the world around her with her readers. She a happy, inspired and independent mother who loves doing many things for herself and for her family. Her smartphone that allows her to play many roles. For people who multi-task like Jackie, the Lenovo S850 is made for those who do.

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