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KONAMI adds more than 1,500 new players to popular PES MANAGER mobile soccer gaming app

KONAMI PES MANAGER mobile soccer gaming app

Konami has just announced that its PES MANAGER mobile soccer gaming app will be updated with new players as the new 2014-2015 season starts. PES MANAGER is available now for iOS and Android platforms in more than 54 countries worldwide and recently achieved more than 7 million downloads since launching in May 2014.

As the new soccer season kicks off in Europe, the superstars that are available in PES MANAGER have also been updated based on the season rosters for 2014/15. The new players also bring with them brand-new uniforms and skillsets to keep users at the top of their game. Also, as a limited time offer, users will receive a special item upon logging into the game.

The updates to the game include the availability of a group of national player badges called “National Dream Greats” (NDG) and the even stronger “National Dream STARS” (NDS), which are available in the game from teams such as Germany, Spain, Brazil and more. In addition, as the season moves forward, a group of players from UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE called the “Champions League STARS” will be added as well. With these updates, users will be able to enjoy PES MANAGER with the latest sensations in line with the latest European soccer trends.

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