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Epic ONE Fighting Championship battle now available in LG Smart TVs

ONE Fighting Championship in LG Smart TVs

The much-awaited ONE Fighting Championship takes center stage in the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena on December 5, 2014, set to captivate its audience with an epic battle for the grand title.

With over 90% market share in Asia, ONE Fighting Championship is Asia’s largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization. Headquartered in Singapore, ONE FC hosts the best Asian mixed martial artists and world champions, all signed to exclusive contracts, on the largest media broadcast in Asia.

To spread prestigious sporting affair beyond the precincts of the jam-packed arena, global technology innovator LG Electronics gives more MMA aficionados an opportunity to experience the spectacular match highlights at the comfort of their homes through the ONE FC app. Now available on LG NetCast Smart TVs, the ONE FC channel gives users exclusive access to hours of high-definition MMA content featuring the intense battles among industry greats from around the world and replays of the most exciting shows in the history of ONE FC. The app will also be available soon in WebOS version early next year.

“We’re pleased to take part in this world-class event, as we understand the value of sports in this country,” Mr. Hoony Bae, vice president for LG Philippines Home Entertainment, said. “Putting our consumers at the heart of every innovation and service has always been part of LG’s philosophy of making Life Good, and making this ONE FC app accessible through our LG Smart TVs is one of our ways of showing our commitment to provide memorable experiences for them.”

To download the ONE FC app powered by LG Smart TVs, Keyword Search "ONE Fighting Championship" at http://ph.lgappstv.com/.

ONE Fighting Championship match
The jam-packed SM MOA Arena during the epic ONE Fighting Championship match, now available in LG NetCast Smart TVs and soon on webOS versions.

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  1. it was very exciting! though i didnt win free front seat tickets from LG, it still is as good an event as any. Hoping for another one soon!

  2. My Titos gonna love this FC App that can also be used in TV. Nice!

  3. Now I can watch One FC anytime I want. Kudos!


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