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SP Armor HDDs provide FREE SP Widget Data Security Program

SP Widget Data Security Program

As one of the industry's leading manufacturer, Silicon Power incorporate SP Widget in all of their Armor shockproof and waterproof portable hard drives including A15, A30, A60, and A80.  The SP Widget is a free download program, and is smarter and easier to use. The SP Widget can maximize your SP Armor shockproof portable hard drives’ potential by making data storage more intelligent and convenient!

SP Widget provides two main functions:

  • Data Protect: Antivirus & Encryption - What is worth mentioning is Silicon Power's SP Widget is in cooperation with one of the largest antivirus software provider, Symantec. It offers users Symantec Norton Internet Security, 60 days trial. At the end of the trial period, users can opt to purchase the software at a discounted rate. The main issue of computer data today is privacy! In the case where you have lost your Armor shockproof portable hard drive, the AES 256bit encryption will provide maximum protection against unauthorized access. 
  • Data Management - One of the most commonly used functions on an Armor shockproof portable hard drive is data transfer and backup. Users can backup "My documents" or designate any other folder(s) to backup between the PC and Armor shockproof portable hard drive for effective and convenient management. This provides users with a convenient and effective way to manage PC / Armor shockproof portable hard drive data. If you want to take your emails in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express Mail, the Email backup function is perfect for you. The backup not only allows you to take your emails with you, it also serves as an emergency restore backup! 

The Silicon Power SP Widget provides users with multi-function applications and complete control of their Armor shockproof portable hard drives. Silicon Power is dedicated in research and development and always place users as their number one priority. Top-notch quality and user oriented designs extends to all Silicon Power shockproof products so users can record and treasure their every moment in life!

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