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Online vehicle platform Carmudi strengthens online presence in the Philippines

Carmudi PH Online Presence

Carmudi, the leading vehicle platform around the world, is optimistic on gaining a bigger scope of the market as the local auto car sales reached a record-breaking of 30-percent growth rate—from 181,283 units in 2013 to 234,747 units in 2014.

Subir Lohani, managing director of Carmudi Philippines, said, “We are excited for the local automotive industry as sales remains resilient and steady. Thirty percent is a bigger number in terms of industry growth. One thing I can tell you for sure is that the Philippines is a major key market for Carmudi's growth.”

“We believe that as the car industry grows, and so does our business,” adds Lohani. Carmudi started operations in the Philippines last January 2014 as an online vehicle platform that provides online solution for sellers, buyers and car dealers to find or sell their cars, motorcycles, or commercial vehicles online. The website currently has close to 25,000 vehicles in its inventory listings from over 1,000 dealers nationwide with 500,000 number of views per month.

The company is part of Rocket Internet, the German start-up incubator, who also ventures company like Zalora, Easy Taxi, Lazada, PricePanda, Lamido, Lamudi, and Tripda. Globally, Carmudi has 250,000 up-to-date listings, 9,000 of which are vehicle dealers.

Carmudi generate income through car malls, banks, as well as large nationwide motorcycle dealerships and commercial vehicle importers. ”We charged the dealers of vehicles per month for the number of photos and content they want to put up. You can think of it like a subscription model of revenue. We provide numerous services and data analytics that help them understand their business and customer base,” adds Lohani.

When asked about how the company is preparing their expansion in the Philippines, Lohani explained: “We currently have offices in Manila and Cebu in order to cover Luzon, Visayas and Northern Mindanao. Majority of the vehicles we have in NCR and surrounding peripheral locations include Subic and Pampanga. We are constantly evaluating pockets of liquidity of vehicle listings and setting opportunities to extend our coverage areas.  At Carmudi, we value ourselves in two main points—Reliability and Quality. While we do grow fast, we never compromise in terms of quality of the listings, making sure that there are no duplicate listings.“

To know more about Carmudi, log on at www.carmudi.com.ph

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