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CloudFone GEO 400LTE now available at Globe PostPaid Plan 349!

CloudFone GEO 400LTE at Globe PostPaid Plan 349
CloudFone GEO 400LTE: CloudFone's first LTE device is now available at Globe PostPaid Plan 349

UPDATE (01/27/15): The CloudFone GEO 400LTE is currently not yet available at Globe, but we will let you know as soon as it is available.

We hear of new breakthroughs in technology day in and day out – from simple 3D printers that bring creations to life, to robots that almost act like humans, and even smartphone-like eyeglasses that does all your computing for you. However, like most people, we know that although these innovations sound wonderful and are now possible, they are still miles away from being a common commodity that can only be enjoyed in the distant future.

4G LTE, or long-term evolution, is a level up from 3G, which is a level up from 2G or EDGE; with each "level up" promising faster connectivity and data speeds. Designed to improve people's way of living, advancements in technology, such as the 4G LTE connectivity, continuously bring upgrades to enhance user experience.

However, two main ingredients are needed for everyone to take advantage of this: an LTE-provider network to supply the technology and an LTE-capable device to make it work - that's what we're giving you. Joining forces with the leading telecommunications network, Globe Telecom, CloudFone came up with the another GEO device for the youth: the CloudFone GEO 400LTE.

As CloudFone continues to fulfill its promise of bringing the true smartphone experience of Android for All, the CloudFone GEO 400LTE enables everyone to finally experience LTE connectivity at a price you can surely afford. Stream clearer videos on YouTube, download your favorite songs anytime, get the newest apps in an instant, and play the latest games all the time.

To get you more acquainted with the device, below are the key features of the CloudFone GEO 400LTE:

CloudFone GEO 400LTE Specs

If Mount Everest, known to be Earth's highest mountain, can have LTE connectivity (yes, Google it!), why can’t we? Available at Plan 349, LTE technology is now within reach with the CloudFone GEO 400LTE.

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